Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 3 in Sta Rosa

The sun's streaming in the windows, there's a nice fire crackling in the wood heater and a load of work clothes and towels agitates away in the used washer. My first load in it! We did a trial run of shop rags before we bought it, just to make sure it ran. Now we'll see how well it works.

AND THE INTERNET IS WORKING! At least for a few minutes. All I managed to do yesterday was respond to one.single.e-mail. I might be going through internet withdrawal. My symptoms include severe twitching whenever I approach the computer, frequent trips outside to look into the sky as if a change in atmospheric conditions might magically make it work again, and deep depression when the download speed consistently shows ZERO.

On the other hand, no internet meant I did other things. Like take a hot bubble bath (oh the bliss that is a hot bubble bath, with my bath pillow and a good book), worked on a baby quilt, cleaned and cooked... Nothing fancy. For lunch I heated up the leftover sauce our friends made the other day, which paired nicely with some bowtie pasta, and I made a salad by throwing together all the bits of raw vegetables on hand (carrots, red pepper, onion, cucumber) with fresh chunks of mozzarella doused with liberal amounts of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Supper was a simple meal of hobo dinners (hamburger patties, carrots, potatoes and onions baked together in foil packets). By supper time I was on a roll with the baby quilt and did not want to be bothered with spending any more time than necessary in the kitchen.

Mealwhile the hubby (aka Ivan -- I've decided to just call him by his proper name on the blog) was busy on the bathroom. He installed the tile baseboard and the sink. Ran into a snag last night when one piece of the pipe (needed for hooking it all back up) got messed up in the process so this morning he's off to buy a replacement for that. Once that's done, though, we'll have a functioning -- and beautiful -- sink. He did such a great job cleaning up the old faucet, it looks practically brand new. That makes us very happy since new faucets cost as much or more than the sink!

Today he'll be going after more free fire wood and cutting that up. Looks like our neighbors have been staying warm by using a good portion of the wood he cut up last time. *sigh* If it's not nailed down, they'll take it. Even it it's nailed down, they'll come over with a crow bar and pry it up and then take it. And the nails too. Anyone else have neighbors like that? So we're going to try and make room in the garage for the fire wood he gets today.

I know I should be working on the new cushion covers but I'm having so much fun with the baby quilt... I think I can finish piecing the top today. THEN I'll get busy on the cushion covers.

Another hot bubble bath is definitely on the agenda. After all, it's absolutely essential that I take advantage of having a bathtub here :-)

I won't be commenting anywhere this week. If I actually manage to even read any blogs. Which is highly doubtful at the rate this internet is NOT working. When it does work, it is SOOOOOOO SLOOOOOOW. I'm just hoping I actually manage to post this. Let's see if it works...


☼Karen☼ said...

Your meals sound wonderful! I'm sorry your internet is slow, but just think how much more productive you'll be! (:

skoots1mom said...

you are getting so much done

keep enjoying your time there

it's raining with thunderstorms today

i'm doing laundry ho hum
think i'll crochet a little

Mari said...

It worked! Glad you have internet. Enjoy yourself!

rita said...

hobo dinners/foil pockets--Stephan made those for Monday Night Meal 'cause we missed having them at C'stone, open fires not allowed.
Ah, Sta. Rosa, sun streaming in the windows, memories...ahhhh...