Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's Thursday?!

So much for my plans to post every day this week. Where does the time go? Oh yeah, LIFE.

Is it really already Thursday?

The last two nights I was in bed early. Early, early, early. Have you ever noticed how some words suddenly appear strange and you wonder, is that how it's really spelled?

I think I should have stayed in bed today.

Already cross-eyed before 8:30 a.m. from studying the Spanish.

Reading about the different regions in Argentina. (In Spanish, of course.) After all, I live here now and should know SOMETHING about the place. Since it is a very loooooooong country, we have everything from the subtropical (way up north) to the ice of Antarctica. Yesterday I read about La Meseta Subtropical, Llanura Platense y Sierras Pampeanas. Today I started with El Noroeste. Next up is El Cuyo. Might be able to fit Patagonia in today as well. Maybe.

If I manage to un-cross my eyes.

Estoy agotada. Not sure that agotar applies to a person. Rita? It refers to the land in the book. My vocabulary is increasing but I'm learning that sometimes different words are used, depending on whether it is a human, animal or other object doing the action. Normally I say "Estoy cansada" but I am beyond weary so I think agotada fits the description better. IF it's okay to use with a person.

Is it really only Thursday?

With the way I'm feeling, it should be Friday.

Today I have art and I am NOT READY. I haven't done anything on my painting this week.

Neither have I had time to work on any sewing projects. I hope to carve some time out of the weekend for that.

Did I mention that we spent most of Sunday afternoon down on the costanera watching horses and gauchos and enjoying ourselves tremendously? Took a TON of photos and quite a few video clips with the camera too. Might have to do two Project 365 posts this week, one entirely devoted to that.

Have seriously missed the Vonage phone this week. Haven't talked with my daughter ALL WEEK. We've texted over skype but I miss hearing her voice. She's on vacation this week, visiting friends in Pennsylvania and reminiscing about our year in Africa because that's how we met the wife. The wife wasn't married then and was also at Kasana Children's Center while we were there. In the process of playing "remember when..." they've been posting photos to facebook and I've had SO MUCH FUN looking at those pictures and doing some remembering of my own.

I thought I'd share a few of them. In this photo we're all dressed up for a wedding. It was my first wedding in Uganda (we went to five total) and I hadn't been "in country" long so didn't realize I had to take little steps and I literally kept walking out of my dress. LOL My Ugandan friends had to "tie" me back up half a dozen times that day. Finally Margaret said, "Aunty Kim, PLEASE walk more slowly!" (I'm on the far left) Our daughter had her 15th birthday while we were there (interestingly enough, our son turned 15 on our first visit to Argentina -- we apparently have some sort of weird family tradition to celebrate 15th birthdays overseas) and she shared it with some of her girlfriends. Ivan was the construction manager (among other things) and one of his projects that year was to build a "baby house" that would address the needs of infants. Up to that point Kasana Children's Center hadn't taken in many babies because we just didn't have the facilities. The "baby house" (later named Hope House) changed all that. Sammy was our second baby and I love that little guy to pieces! Seriously wanted to bring him home with me. You can see why...isn't he a cutie?! He was left abandoned by the side of a very busy road and would have been killed in traffic had not a jjaja (grandmother) seen his predicament and rescued him. And finally I share a photo from one of our "family" nights. Each missionary couple or individual "adopted" one of the seven family groups and became honorary members of that family. We became part of "Jonathan Family" headed up by the sweetest couple, Shadrack and Sarah, who served as the parents for just over 20 children. One of our favorite things to do was have them over for a fun night of games, snacks and singing. Those boys could seriously play some drums! Seeing these photos has inspired me to get crackin' on my blog project to document our year in Uganda. If only there were more hours in a day! *sigh*

Is it still Thursday?


skoots1mom said...

yes, it's thursday...great pictures.
you amaze me with your language prowess...good job...keep it up!
just got back from getting blood labs done for my quarterly check. thankfully the nurse was very good, no hard needles today, yeah!!!
I'm eager to hear from my sister...but i'm still praying no news is good news...can't get Katiegirl off my mind, so i'll keep praying.
our prayer shawl ministry gave me an angel square (i'll post a pic later) to give her while she's recovering from this last infection's white border with a pretty crocheted angel in the sweet! I'd love to frame it for her after she's done holding it.
eager to see more artsy stuff...blessings for a great class.
getting ready to do elliptical with BeStill&Know...take care, JubiSista!!

rita said...

"agotada" is correct, and yes, a level beyond "cansada". Blogging in English must be a nice break from the castellano 24/7!
Someone made me aware of the mental exertion produced by being surrounded by a foreign language 24/7. I commented this to our Basque teens, they heartily agreed.
I was really enjoying Tina's Uganda series until the computer gave up half way through and I haven't gotten back since. I love the ones you chose to share here.
Quite the dress and sleeves for the wedding.
Is Jon going to celebrate his 2? in Argentina this year?

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Yea, it's Thursday all day...

I have the same thing happen to me all the time. I will look at a very ordinary word and then my mind will simply go blank and I will look at it and say "Is that how that's spelled????" or when you can't even get a close enough approximation to correctly spell it for spell check you just get a blank space and then you are on your own, and then you look at the jibberish and wonder what you were really trying to say anyway????

Are you on Facebook??? Send me a friend request. I did a search for your name and found several but I wasn't sure which one was you!

Great pictures, and maybe one day I will decide to learn a second language but right now I am just very impressed with your willingness to learn something new!!!

You go girl!!!!!


Lhoyt said...

I'm excited that you are grasping the idea of nuances of word meaning. Your comment on the verb 'agotar' was not only true, but very insightful.

Lhoyt said...

P.S. But then, you have a fantastic grasp of English, so I guess I should have known you'd do well in Spanish.