Friday, February 20, 2009

6 Random Things

This isn't just random like I usually write. This is random with a purpose!

Skoots1Mom tagged me in this meme and I decided to share some random things about Argentina, and more specifically about the house here in Santa Rosa.

I came to Argentina the first time just to visit. The hubby wanted me and the kids to see where he'd grown up. Since his parents were church planters, they lived a lot of different places and our kids grew a little weary of checking them all out. So we became adept at "drive by shootings" where we'd slowly drive by a house and quickly snap photos out the window of our moving vehicle. The house in Santa Rosa was the last on the itinerary and since his parents still owned it, we stopped and stayed a while. It was actually our base of operations, you might say. We'd take off from here and visit different places and people in the province of Cordoba, but always return at night.

The day we arrived in Santa Rosa we stopped at a store owned by the uncle of one of hubby's high school classmates. The uncle promptly phoned his nephew who was thrilled to hear from my hubby and said, "So you'll be there tonight!" Hubby had no idea what he was talking about. It turned out their 20 year high school reunion was that very night! So we went and saw 13 of the other 16 classmates the hubby graduated with in 1976. No one had known how to get in touch with the hubby to let him know about the reunion, and everyone was excited to see him. I could tell that by their loud voices and wildly swinging arms and bear hugs even though I didn't understand a word they were saying.

On days we stuck around here the kids practically lived in their bathing suits. We came in December/January (high summer) and it was hot, so they'd meander down to the river throughout the day to cool off in the clear, refreshing water. I did not live in my swimsuit, although this was back in the day when I still put one on occasionally and ventured forth into public places, although even then I was self-conscious about all the cellulite and vast expanses of white skin (which have only increased in the intervening years). We have so many good, GOOD memories of this vacation! And about 300 photos to prove it.

In 1998 a terrific hail storm tore through the area and seriously damaged the red tile roof. The repair quotes were so high that the hubby and younger brother figured out they could fly down and do the repairs for the same or a little less -- and get a trip "home" out of the deal :-)

In 2003 when we were trying to discern what God wanted us to do next, we flew down to spend time with the couple who are now our co-workers -- but first we came to the house. The little church in Santa Rosa had been through several years of upheaval and a revolving door of leaders and they were hurting. The hubby was able to share during several Sundays as well as just spend time one-on-one with folks who needed encouragement. God used that experience to help confirm that He could use us in Argentina. To be absolutely honest, that wasn't the answer I was hoping for...because I knew how hard it was going to be to learn the language and I just flat out dreaded it. He's also made it clear that when He directs, it's best to do what He wants. He enables, strengthens, provides. On our own? Worth nothing, zilch, nada.

When we were preparing to move to Argentina, I knew the house here would be a place of respite for us and for others. It's two hours from where we live which is a very doable distance even for day trips and even better for those 3-4 day breaks. I also knew that since it's been a while since dad and mom lived here, the place needed some work. The folks taking care of the place have done basic maintenance but now the hubby and I will, over time, be doing some of the bigger projects. I also came prepared with fresh new (or used-but-still-in-good-condition) bed linens and towels, shower curtains and rugs. We enjoy being out here and know our friends and family will, too. We look forward to sharing it with all who come!

I'm not going to tag six random people. If you want to participate, you're IT! If more than six want to do it, great!


Debbie said...

I really enjoyed hearing the story of how you came to be there. I admire you for following where He was leading you. It isn't always easy, is it? And I so enjoy hearing your experiences!

Mari said...

I didn't know your hubby grew up there. I enjoyed hearing this.

Sharon said...

My husband (the younger brother) is a little bitter right now. He won't read your blog if you keep writting about Santa Rosa!
(But keep on writting anyway)

rita said...

And I, the older sister, really enjoyed reliving that 'vacation' we all spent together 12+ years ago!
And I am sooooooooo glad Dad & Mom finally passed the house on to us kids.
And very grateful for all the repairs and decorating you are doing.
And delighted that you can enjoy that wonderful respite.
Hopefully more of us can eventually make our way down there to enjoy the beauty, the memories and the peacefulness.

skoots1mom said...

i had wondered how you had gotten there...wonderful story...and i so love your pictures!...and the notes from family, so sweet!