Saturday, February 7, 2009

To Recycle Or Not To Recycle? That is the question.

I am 1/3 of the way to 1000 posts. And it's only taken 18 months to get here ☺ In honor of post #334 I thought I'd give you my opinion about a vitally important current affair. I know, I know, my expertise amazes and astounds and you're fairly breathless with anticipation over my weighty and well-thought out thesis regarding Pop Bottle Deposits.

Some states are looking to add revenue by either initiating or expanding their bottle deposit laws. I'm a pretty strong proponent of these laws because I see several benefits, not the least of which is cleaner roadsides.

Naysayers must not be able to remember the piles of cans and bottles littering the roadways in years past.

Aside from the whole "Don't Litter" campaign, I propose people are more conscious today that they're throwing nickles and dimes out the window if they toss those bottles and cans.

[I'm not using real names to protect the ignorant innocent.]

"I just don't see it working," said a political historian and social science professor at Boston University. "At this point, given job losses and people cutting back on everything, you don't want to give them an excuse not to consume or purchase something."

Nay, nay, nay. [or is it nya, nya, nya?] Anyway...

This argument makes no sense to me. The nickle or dime deposit isn't going to make people stop buying their Coke or Mountain Dew. Higher cost of the product might, or declining income could prevent someone from buying it, but the deposit law? I don't think so.

"What's next? If the budget deficit isn't fixed, will we bring all trash back to the store?" This inane comment argument from the president of the Massachusetts Food Association, which has long opposed the bottle law.

What's this about bringing all the trash back to the store? What other trash is he talking about? In the six months since we left the U.S. have they started recycling other things too? Or this guy just spouting off without really thinking through what he says?

Although his idea does have merit. Plastic packaging of all sorts is being re-used in a whole mess of other applications: construction, landscaping, clothing, furniture and other household items...

So to me it makes no sense NOT to recycle. [Double negative = Positive statement]

One of the things I appreciate about life here in Argentina is that it's very easy to find refill pouches for quite a few products, especially cleaning and laundry items. It's still plastic but much less than if I had to buy a bottle or dispenser every time, as was necessary in the U.S.

Bottom line in my considered opinion is that bottle deposit laws are a good thing, and we might want to consider recycling more, not less.

Once I wake up I'll be back with a recipe for Saturday Stirrings.


Mari said...

I'm with you! I think the bottle deposit is a good thing and I am surprised that all the states don't have it.

rita said...

Kim, you never cease to amaze me (double negative= huge positive). You can take ANY topic and write a most interesting piece.