Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The wobbly wheel of learning Spanish

I've been MIA for a few days, struggling with the busyness that is life and the stress of not feeling physically up to par. After a long refreshing night of sleep though, I'm hopeful today will be better.

The results from the blood work came back and indicated (1) I'm anemic. No surprise there as I have a history of anemia, going back to my toddler years when they gave me liquid iron which, in turn, insured several dentists a lucrative living. And (2) I have an intestinal fungus. EWWWW! I was so incredibly grossed out by that! Then I discovered when I googled it, that fungus is just another word for yeast. Doesn't yeast sound much more palatable than fungus? So now that we know what it is, we can aggressively fight it. Fight the Fungus!

I think I need a cup of coffee before I write on my blog in the morning.

The hubby started cutting in the paint in the dining room last evening. I'm LOVIN' the light sage green I picked. And hoping he can learn to live with it -- his preference was white with green tint. LOL I'll be doing the easy part today: rolling on the walls. When I have to cut in I have to tape everything off first. But my amazing hubby is capable of just having at it and getting it done, neatly and well.

I'm on my own with the painting today as DH heads out to Sta. Rosa to pick up our camera which has finally made it to the interior!!! Yay! I'm pretty excited to think about all the pretty pictures I'll be able to take for Project 365 ☺

Our son was telling us about the cool features on the new version of iPhoto that just came out. Like its ability to go through your photos and intuitively pick out all the ones with a specific someone you've already identified in one picture.

Which sounds great in theory. But who really wants a program that goes through and picks out all the pictures of you with baggy eyes and bedhead hair and slightly manic expression? Pictures you'd just as soon forget? iPhoto might want to include another feature that just ignores the truly bad pics in the process. Just sayin'.

I should be able to finish the painting before Spanish class this evening. We're working on preterite simple and preterite imperfect. *sigh* Why, oh why, can't we just always use the simple? Which is so...well, simple. We ARE seeing improvement but it's still very confusing at times. It's just a matter of using and practicing the new skill a LOT until it becomes intuitive, like riding a bike. You think you're never going to get that wobbly wheel to go straight and then suddenly you're flying down the street yelling "Look ma, no hands!" I look forward to the no hands stage but for now I'm still struggling with a wobbly wheel.


Debbie said...

You lost me at "intestinal fungus". Yes, I know you explained it as being yeast, but still. Why did they call it that?

Mari said...

Our bedroom is sage green and I really like it. My hubby has that painting talent too, but not me!
Hope you feel better quickly - get rid of the yeast!

skoots1mom said...

i live with a jar of "manuka honey"...God's natural "antibacterial"...it's great on toast, in tea, and it kills major infections (staph, h.pylori, etc., in your system)...truly, it has helped me a lot!
i buy it online thru amazon.com

your room sounds wonderful
glad you're feeling better...
buenos noches!!

rita said...

Sorry about the 'yukus' :(
Me imaginaba que estabas enferma y por eso no escribĂ­as. (imperfect, imperfect, imperfect ;) je je je
I'm sure I've told you that I've known many a Spanish teacher who was not yet intuitive, but still useful and even effective!
I think I'd like the sage. Will wait for photos.

Carol @SheLives said...

Me espanol no es perfecto, pero trato usarlo cuando puedo. Que bien que esta aprendiendo la idioma!

Wait! Did I say that?

Edie said...

I would have been grossed out at being told I had an internal fungus too. Yeast! That sounds so much nicer. LOL. I do hope you're feeling better very soon.

Looking for pictures of those beautiful walls taken with your new camera!!