Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feelin' a bit like a whooped puppie today... I sit here typing in the midst of a storm. Hallelujah! 'cause it's cooling down. That's the pattern of weather here. It gets hotter 'n hotter 'n hotter and then a storm from the south blows in and cools us down.

Yesterday we left early for Cordoba to take my Macbook in for some much needed maintenance and repairs. After almost 2 months the store had finally received the necessary parts. When the hubby picks it up Friday we should be able to use all the ports, the case won't be cracked any more, and I'll have a new battery. Yay!

On our way into town I started feeling like maybe my going wasn't such a good idea. Not to burden you with TMI but the recurring problem I've been having for months reared its ugly head again -- thankfully we were close to the Wal-mart and whipped in there for a quick pit stop and the hubby bought some pharmaceuticals to counteract the problem. Unfortunately, after months of this, he knows just what to ask for.

I managed to make it through the day and we even accomplished some shopping in addition to dropping off the Macbook. But I was VERY glad to get home and just sort of collapse into my Poang chair. Took an evening nap, got up to eat a little something, and back to bed for a blissful night of sleep. Am feeling ever so much better today except just wiped out. Like some giant energy-sucking monster has been at it again. I foresee bloodwork in my immediate future to figure out exactly what it is and what to do about it. I'd been doing fine (for the most part) since the parasitic flush. [Now doesn't that phrase 'parasitic flush' sound like some weird dance moves from the 60s?]

Without my Macbook I'm feeling a bit like I've lost one of my limbs. The hubby is graciously allowing me use his PC laptop but it's just not the same. Not feelin' the same 'puter love that my Mac gives me. *sigh* And once you get used to a Mac, PCs are poor substitutes. Now don't get all defensive, PC users. I was once one of you. For a quarter of a century. But since switching to Mac, life is so much better. So much brighter and easier and FULFILLING. Just sayin'.

And until I get the Mac back I have limited time on the computer so I won't be able to hop around Bloggyville so much and leave random comments that cause other bloggers to scratch their heads or hit the delete button until their computer begins smoking. As a communications major you'd think I'd be better able to communicate the funny, but I've determined that me trying to do funny doesn't work. So if you're ever the recipient of one of my bizarre comments, cut me some slack, 'kay?

Even though I can't do the funny, I enjoy when other people can. So I thoroughly enjoy the funny bloggers in my life (you listening Lid, Deb, Amy, Dee, Sophie, Mel & others? Keep up the funny!). Not to say these women aren't occasionally serious. But they can even do the serious funny. What a gift!

I have come to the conclusion my bed is too firm and is the cause of my hip and shoulder pain. Therefore today we will haul the heavy transformer into the bedroom and plug in the air chamber doohickey thing and deflate my side a little. There are many, many things in life I cannot control. But the air in my mattress? I am Queen of that. And why it should give me such inordinate pleasure I have no idea.

I am rambling on, have you noticed? When you're tired and have nothing to say, do you ramble too? Well I'm off to visit a few blogs while the hubby is out running errands. TTFN (ta ta for now).


sara said...

oh I am so with you on the whole MacBook thing!!! I love my mac and having to move to a PC, even for a little while, is painful!!! Praying you get it back soon!!!

Mari said...

I'm so happy you are gettign your own computer back. I feel not quite right when I have to use another one too. Hope you feel better soon!!!

Linda Goossen said...

What is TMI?

I have a BIL and SIL serving in Argentina in BA, as missionaries. They have been there almost 40 years.

Debbie said...

I don't have a Mac yet. I'm scared to get one because then there will be no going back:)

rita said...

So you don't think you're funny?
I truly enjoy your humor and always feel I'm way too serious.

Sorry you're feeling 'decompooperated'(our famiy word).

Lhoyt said...

BTW did you ever stop to think how many laws our parents broke back then-- Child labor laws, electrical connection ordinances, ordinances against hanging clothes out to dry, etc. etc.
My, my how did we ever survive such illegal activities and indiscreet behavior?