Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday Meanderings

We have truly meandered today! We meandered over to Clarklake, then to Ann Arbor, over to Canton, and up to Lapeer before finally heading home. Good visits with two of our supporting churches, great fellowship after the evening service with a couple from that church, and some chair buying sandwiched in the middle.

Have you ever sat in a Poang chair from IKEA? It is extremely comfortable! We picked up two to take to Argentina with us. It's the only furniture we're taking. It met our criteria of (1) being lightweight and (2) portable (breaks down easily into pieces), (3) inexpensive, and (4) the seat covers can be zipped off and washed. And did I mention it was comfortable? They were out of the chair covers we liked best (dala natural, a sort of nubby fabric in an ivory/off white color) so we settled for 2nd best (alme natural, ivory/off white canvas). 'Cause we're all about making a statement with our furniture. As in, we are blaaaaaaand people. Now I must say we both came really, really close to getting RED!!! But in the end we couldn't bring ourselves to do it.

You see we have talked about red furniture in the past. One of the things we really enjoy is checking out new houses. A lot of communities host an annual "Parade of Homes" that allow builders to showcase some of their new construction. So anyway, a few years ago we stopped by a house that we just loved. The entire interior was painted a soft butter yellow that served as a nice neutral backdrop for lots of greens, blacks and reds throughout. Not a color combo I would have picked prior to seeing how well it worked together in this home. Talk about the WOW! factor -- this place was gorgeous. And the living room, which we especially liked, sported a bold lipstick red couch flanked by a couple of black club chairs.

Ever since then we've joked about the red couch we're gonna buy some day. So you can understand why we were so tempted today. But the fact is we have no idea what kind of place we'll end up with in Argentina, or in which room we'll end up using these chairs. Could be living room, could be bedroom. And as hubby pointed out, the cushion design is pretty simple so it's completely feasible that I can make covers IN ANY COLOR I WANT!

But in the meantime we'll be quite happy with our nice safe shade of ivory/off white. The color doesn't matter nearly as much as the fact that they are SO comfortable.

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Tina in Thailand said...

90%! That is fantastic!
The weeks from now on, buying tickets, making plans, saying goodbye, will just fly by. You are right, it is very exciting!
May God grant you grace and mercy as you have much to do now and many to say goodbye to.
Pressing forward!