Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Joy of Play

I'm guessing my MIL snapped this shot before hauling my BIL off to the bathrub! It's one of the slides hubby recently digitized and it just brings a big ol' smile to my face :-) I was a prissy little thing and didn't like to get dirty, but I can appreciate the unadulterated joy that radiates from this youngun. Can't you?!

Taking a deep breath and packing to head back to Indiana for a couple of days. We have a meeting down there tonight and will have tomorrow to get a few things done at dad and mother's before returning to Michigan on Friday afternoon. Our son is going to come by on Friday morning and help with some computer stuff. One thing I'm especially looking forward to is a library software program to track all the books we're taking to Argentina. It's supposed to be super user-friendly. Which I could use a little of right now.

Not sure how long we'll be in Michigan the second time around. But it looks like we'll end up spending more time in Michigan than Indiana by the end of the month. Oh well. If I could only get my act together and remember which things I need to take with me, no matter where I go. All this back and forth can get very confusing and things I need always seem to be in the other state.

Oh well, in a few months LIFE WILL GET EVEN CRAZIER!!! We fly out the first week of August. No specific date yet as we're looking at the different airlines and RIDICULOUSLY HIGH airfares. Unless you want to be en route for over 25 hours and then you might be able to shave off a few dollars. In my view, not enough to make it worth BEING IN TRANSIT FOR OVER A DAY.

The packing doth proceedeth at the pace of a snail. I actually didn't get anything Just spent four hours filing photos in a (somewhat) chronological manner. Hadn't done it in a while (okay, YEARS) so there were well over 500 prints in envelopes, boxes and zip lock baggies that had to be dealt with. But it is DONE! I am so glad we bought a digital camera three years ago or I'd have had even more. The reality of all our pictures (NINE, count 'em, NINE photo boxes and over 15 albums) makes me think we should consider digitizing our own photos as soon as possible.

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