Monday, May 26, 2008

How Just A Southern Girl Met a Very Southern Boy

We are enjoying a THOROUGHLY WONDERFUL few days in Ludington, Michigan, at our friends' cottage right on Lake Michigan. The weather has been great, the food fabulous (we've grilled out for every meal), and the company...well, the company has been perfect.

This was an excellent weekend to get away since it's our anniversary! On this day 29 years ago we said the vows, tied the knot, and made a covenant "till death do us part."

So were we young or what? We joke that we've raised each other and that ain't far from the truth! I was 20 and hubbs was 21.

Our daughter and her boyfriend came up yesterday and spent one day with us. Last evening I was regaling them with the story of how hubby and I met, fell in love and got engaged. Daughter had known we dated just a short time (two weeks) before getting engaged, but she thought we'd known each other a long time before that. Not so much. In fact we met just a month before we started dating. So six weeks from meeting to getting engaged. Scary, huh?

But we've stayed married through thick and thin for lo, these many years. And let me tell you folks, the secret of a long marriage. IT'S BY THE GRACE OF GOD!!! Nothing else is sufficient to explain how the long-suffering hubby has put up with my crazy self for this long. But we do thank the Lord for what He has done in and through us to get us to this point. We're grateful for these past 29 years and look forward to the next however many the Lord sees fit to give us!

Keeping this short since we don't have internet at the cottage and our favorite little bookstore/coffee shop with free wifi is getting ready to close for the day. But just had to say THANK YOU IVAN for continuing to love me after all these years. Sorta reminds me of a Forrester Sisters song I've always liked: "I Fell In Love Again Last Night." It's my prayer that we keep doing that for many, many more years.

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