Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Forget Wearing Purple With A Red Hat

A couple in our church stopped by to visit one of the elderly ladies last week and found her hunched over and very confused, unable to even recognize the man (who she'd known for over 50 years). *sigh* We've lost so many of our older folks in the last few years and my heart just hurt when I heard that M was doing so poorly.

Since we're in Michigan for a few days, we stopped in to see her at the hospital. Because we've been on the road so much and very seldom get to attend our own church, we hadn't seen M in many months. Her nose and forehead were scratched and bruised where she'd fallen recently and she readily shared how the son who lives closest had literally "grounded" her because of her many falls. He has been taking her everywhere she needs or wants to go. "You have no idea how wonderful he's been to me!" she said, obviously grateful for his care.

M has been a stalwart in our home church. Faithful in AWANA from the time we started the program until just a couple years ago when she didn't trust herself to drive after dark. Making sure visitors knew they were welcomed. Encouraging others in so many ways. Even as she lies in a hospital bed she speaks of her desire to continue the ministry of calling people on their birthdays and anniversaries. She repeatedly shares how God has been faithful and gracious to her throughout her life.

She will be leaving the hospital soon, but going first to a medical care facility for several weeks of therapy. She'd rather be going home but knows this is for her best. "I want to be a good testimony there," she says. And we know she will, just as she has been for many years.

When I grow old I want to be like M. Forget wearing purple with a red hat.

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