Saturday, May 3, 2008

Stupendously Delicious Chicken Salad

When I popped over to check out Saturday Stirrings at It Coulda' Been Worse, I saw Deedee's sharing a wonderful grilled chicken salad recipe that I'm gonna have to try. But it reminded me of the other kind of chicken salad that you make to put on bread, not necessarily in a bowl. I couldn't just call this plain old chicken salad! This is the best stuff I've ever had ANYWHERE! Every time I serve it I get requests for the recipe, including the bridal shower Daughter and I hosted a couple weeks ago. So for this week's Saturday Stirrings hosted by Deedee over at It Coulda' Been Worse, [and just in time for picnic season] I present...

2 1/2 c. diced cooked chicken
1 c. finely chopped celery
1 c. sm. seedless green grapes
1 c. chopped walnuts
1 tsp. minced onion
1 tsp. salt
1/2 c. heavy whipping cream, whipped
1 c. mayonnaise
In a bowl, combine chicken, celery, grapes, walnuts, onion and salt. Whip cream and mix it with the mayonnaise. Fold this dressing into the chicken salad mixture. Cover bowl and refrigerate for several hours. At serving time, serve salad on greens with garnishes (which I leave to your discretion since you know what your family/guests will eat and I don't).

We typically serve it on croissants for special occasions like bridal showers and such, but for regular we eat it on bread, crackers or, as they suggest, just piled up on a big ol' lettuce leaf with tomato wedges on the side.

And while I usually cook up a whole chicken and de-bone it for this recipe, I've also been known to use rotisserie chicken from the deli department. We especially liked it the time I used the lemon pepper rotisserie. Clearly a recipe you can adapt as you see fit. But DON'T mess with the dressing of heavy whipped cream and mayonnaise. That's what makes it so yummy!


Crafty lady said...

We love chicken salads and this sounds so delicious!!

Karen said...

that sounds delicious...I'm a total chicken husband? not so much...but this would make a great picnic salad for me and the kids!

Kelli said...

This sounds so yummy. Thanks for sharing!

Farrah said...

Wow!!! I can't wait to try this!!

Shari Ellen said...

This recipe sounds like it would be wonderful on a croissant. I like the grapes that are included in it.

The Apron Queen said...

Never thought to use heavy whipping cream. Yum! :D Thanks for sharing.

Scattered, Smothered & Covered in Chocolate:

Roses Are Red, Violets are Violet said...

sounds delicious! I love, Love, LOVE chicken salad. Thanks for posting this....