Sunday, May 4, 2008

Siblings & Friends...& Books

When I was going through photos the other day for the Mother's Day contest hosted by 5MinutesForMom, I came across these two pictures that make me smile. From the early days until now, I'm so glad my kids are friends! I see so many siblings who fight like cats and dogs and are just plain mean to each other. That just breaks my heart.

Because we homeschooled I had a little more control over their social life and I remember days when they'd be fussin' at one another and I'd call a 'time out' with the instructions to "Work it out because neither of you is playing with anyone else until you can learn to get along with each other!"

It just warmed my heart when the Son, on his first spring break from college, decided he wanted to take a road trip WITH HIS SISTER! How cool is that? They had a blast driving down to North Carolina to visit family friends. Having car trouble going and coming didn't phase them in the least :-)

It also helps us as we prepare to leave the country to know that the Son is just up the road, less than an hour from the Daughter. Okay, I'm starting to tear up just thinking about this but it does my heart good to know that he'll be watching out for her. [In addition to all the rest of the family in the area :-) She'll have no lack of "watchdogs".]

Looking at pictures always does this to me...sets me to thinking about all the blessings in my life and what God has done over the years. And because of this I know I can trust Him for the years ahead. Even when it's a little scary to think about leaving this life I know and love. Leaving family, leaving friends, leaving LIBRARIES people, the source of all that's good and free in literature. *sigh*

Okay now my thoughts have left the poor Son and Daughter in the dust because all I can think about is BOOKS. I know there are people in the world who don't care to read. I'm not one of them. I'm a compulsive reader. COMPULSIVE! I have to read everything, from cereal boxes to the classifieds. Okay, maybe not everything, I'm becoming a little more selective as I get older. If a book doesn't grab me by the third or fourth chapter now, it gets put aside. There are too many GOOD books out there to waste on drivel that should have never made it into print.

Obviously I'm taking a few books with me when we move. Currently I'm working on finding some books I want, as well as some my co-worker would like in order to finish off some series she has started. I don't leave the house without my lists. Who cares about clothes or things for the house? I'm much more concerned about books! And if there's a 12 step program I don't want to hear about it. I am quite content with this compulsion and have no desire to change, thankyouverymuch.

And now I think I'll go read my book. Oh, what am I reading? Since we just moved and I don't have a library card yet (but will get one tomorrow!!!) I found a couple of old favorites at the Goodwill and am reading one of those. Yes, I'm also one of those weird people who re-reads books again and again and again. Which is a very good thing considering I will be stuck with THE SAME BOOKS FOR THE NEXT THREE YEARS we are in Argentina. Guess what I'll be doing as soon as we step foot on U.S. soil for our first furlough?!

Oh, and while I'm writing this post, hubby is checking airfares to Argentina. Usually the end of July/beginning of August would be the low season and tickets would be cheap, cheap, cheap. But with gas prices so high, all the airlines have raised prices to TWICE what they were a few months ago. Ugh! I'd rather think about books.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Thank you for stopping by to see me! Your mango breakfast sounds delicious and I bet I would love that too.

Have a great week!

PJ said...

First time visitor. Just a question: Are you moving to Argentina??? Or visiting Argentina and moving somewhere else? Sorry. Maybe I missed it.

Love the brother/sister pictures and comments!! My two boys had to get along because much of the time there WAS no one else. (We lived in South America when they were little). And I lOVE the roadtrip story. Just wonderful to have siblings like that!