Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another Great Bloggy Giveaway!

Don't know why but the button isn't working so just click here instead.

Woohoo! Another great bloggy giveaway by the good folks at BloggedIn-Network. Get ready for's a $100 Target gift card. How cool is that?!

I could SOOOOOOOOOO use this gift card! Target has some great things for the house and I could use a few things for the house I will someday occupy in the great city of Carlos Paz, Argentina. Oh yes I could! Like this cute little spice rack that's stylin' and practical. Or this absolutely adorable picnic backpack (which would be more for those rambling trips to the countryside). I also really like the three tier pedestal serving plates that would work so very well when I have teas. 'Cause I'm totally taking my collection of 27 teacups and saucers.

Which I'd show you a picture of but they're already packed. The packing it is progressing. Slowly by slowly but progressing nonetheless. We're currently back in Michigan for the weekend and tomorrow will be spent working up much sweat in the pursuit of packing. But after all the miles traveled over the last few days it is now time for resting. And dreaming of Target gift cards.

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