Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Odd Thoughts and Random Info

The boxes continue to pile up in the basement. Ran out of bubble wrap so that’s on my shopping list when I hit Sam’s Club later today. And we’ll have to find a few bigger boxes for larger items. But overall the packing, it is going well. Hubby bought a large suitcase yesterday and I’ve loaded it with winter clothes we’ll need when we get to Argentina since it will be COLD there in August.

But not like Michigan winter-it-could-freeze-rain-in-midair-cold. Just regular cold. Which I’m okay with as long as I have my silk longjohns and lots of sweaters.

So the list-making has begun:
What to pack in carry-on luggage.
What to pack in suitcases that get checked through.
What must be done this month…next month…July…
Christmas and birthday gifts to make/buy before we leave.
Books I still need to get.
Other things I need to get.

On a different topic, we saw Prince Caspian last night. Enjoyed it but would like to see it again because I know I missed a lot the first time around. We were able to use the gift certificate our daughter gave hubby for Christmas. There hasn’t been a movie we really wanted to see until this one. Went with the daughter and her boyfriend and another couple who are good friends. Then came home and grilled up mucho vegetables to go with the hamburgers. LOVE my new grilling pan for the veggies. Last night we had mushrooms, onions, grape tomatoes, green peppers, and sugar snap peas. Delicioso! Rounded out the meal with a large order of seasoned fries from the corner (we live by a drive-in restaurant).

Daughter returned to Indiana this morning, her car loaded with several 5 gallon containers of WVO (waste vegetable oil) that our neighbors at the drive-in restaurant are kind enough to save and give her. She’s lovin’ the chance to cut the fuel bill for her ’82 Mercedes Benz diesel. Hubby created a very nifty contraption to filter the oil for her, which she then adds half and half with diesel.

Hubby is hoping we can find a diesel and do the same thing in Argentina. Or a vehicle that’s been retrofitted to use natural gas instead of gasoline. We drove one of those on our last visit to Argentina and we could get about 60 miles for $2.

I think we’re all trying to figure out ways to deal with higher gas prices. I plan my shopping and errands so I can do as much as possible on each trip. We’ll carefully choose a car when we get to Argentina. Probably get a little motor scooter for zipping around town. And do a lot more walking. In Argentina you’ll typically find a butcher shop, bakery and veggie stand in addition to a neighborhood grocer in every barrio.

I look forward to a more centralized, localized lifestyle. Sort of like it used to be here a long time ago. Today, even though we live in a small town (village actually) our grocery store is a Super Walmart so we hardly know anyone there. I think I'll like knowing my butcher and having him know me so he can cut the meat just the way we like it. Or having the grocer set aside some peanut butter for me when he can get it. (PB not a big staple in Argentina.) And having the vegetable guy let us know when he'll be getting in some especially good peaches. Yeah, definitely something to look forward to.

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