Thursday, May 15, 2008

Relaxing In Front Of The Fireplace

Today has been wondrously relaxing. I did get up early (what IS wrong with my internal clock that keeps waking me up at o'dark in the morning?!) and slipped out quietly to go to the Y and work out. It's been over a week that we've been gone and my arms just flat hurt after doing the weight resistance machines. You'd think hauling boxes up and down and all around the past few days would have had some effect but apparently that didn't work the right muscles.

After breakfast I had time to catch up on some of the blogs I follow before heading out to the library (overdue books! shocking!) and the store. And this afternoon I simply read. It.Was.Wonderful! I fixed dinner but kept it simple: oven barbequed chicken, brussel sprouts, and salad. My MIL always has jello salad on hand to round things out. Now tonight I'm relaxing in front of the fireplace in daughter's apartment, watching some t.v. online and checking out some things on eBay.

There are things I probably should have been doing. Like paperwork. But it was really nice to just rest.

We head back to Michigan tomorrow. Have no idea how long we'll be gone this time. Not sure what all we'll be doing. Hubby keeps telling me the key characteristic of a missionary needs to be flexibility. So what do you think? That maybe God figures I need more practice? Yeah, I think so too.

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