Friday, May 16, 2008

Have You Heard About Revolution Money Exchange?

While catching up on some blogs yesterday I came across a new service called Revolution Money Exchange. Not being technical myself I asked my son who is Very Savvy In All Things Technical (he owns a computer business). He'd heard about it but did a little background research and came up with this article that lists the FREE services offered by RME:
* register for an account
* add money to your bank account
* send money
* receive money
* request money
* transfer money to your bank account

NOTE: there are no fees when BOTH parties are RME members.

Any time I can get things for FREE, I'm all for it! I love the ease of PayPal but it just makes sense that if I can have a similar service without the fees, all the better for my pocketbook.

There are some drawbacks according to the article, like a monthly cap of $2500 (not going to be a problem for me!) and no way (yet) to deal with anyone outside the U.S. (again, not a problem for me). But for some these may be an issue.

Because it's a pretty cool service that a lot of folks on Etsy (as well as others in the blogosphere) are using, I thought it was worth sharing here.

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