Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Craziness

I used the Delicious library program on my computer to log and then pack over 400 books today! Hubby went through his books yesterday and logged about 170 but he hasn't packed them yet.

He's also been on the internet and the phone trying to figure out the shipping issue. Since we don't have enough to fill even one of the small 20 foot containers, we were wondering if it would be better to do an LCL (less than container load). BUT the cost difference is negligible so I think we'll just go with a container. And we may be able to find someone else going who'd like to share the container with us.

I know, shipping stuff is just too exciting for words, but that's my life right now. Packing, shipping, MOVING! In exactly eleven weeks from today. *gulp*

An old high school friend is in Michigan for the weekend and we're getting together tonight! I haven't seen her since...well, a long time ago. She's one of the few I've stayed in touch with over the years via letters and, more recently, e-mail. Should be fun :-)

I'm a little freaked out thinking of all that must be done in the coming weeks. I'm praying for health and stamina 'cause I'm gonna need it! And a little emotional stability would be nice, too. 'Cause leaving is always tough. Arriving has it's own challenges as well. Like not being able to communicate with hardly anyone until I get a better handle on the language. So maybe a LOT of emotional stability?!

Packing is tricky. I consider each item: Is it needed? If not, why do I want it? Will I feel really bad if I don't take it and then want it? Or will I get over it, no problem? And that's when the DMD generally hits (Decision Making Disorder). Sometimes it's a no brainer but sometimes I have to really think. And think and think and think. It makes me nuts!

The DMD is often followed by PDD (Post Decision Dissonance). Every single thing that goes into each box is listed and now I find myself looking over those lists and thinking, "Why did I pack that? I'm not gonna need it. Never gonna use it. It's just takin' up valuable space in a box. Aargh!" But at this point it's more hassle to dig through the boxes and UNpack it than it is to just take it along.

And who knows? Maybe I'll decide I really do need it after all.

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