Sunday, February 22, 2009

Week 8 - Project 365

All the photos this week are from Santa Rosa, since this is where we've spent the bulk of our time. [My last two posts are about the house if you're interested in learning more.] My Macbook doesn't have the software yet to use the 3G thingy so hubby loaned me his PC to post today. He also downloaded all the photos and showed me how to spruce 'em up in Picassa. Having a new camera means my photos are in focus, more or less, but I'm still not exhibiting any great photography skills. So I'm loving the "sharpen" feature in Picassa :-)

Okay, I lied. They're not all from Santa Rosa. This first photo was actually taken in Villa Belgrano, the next town over. Very much a touristy area, during the summer it's not uncommon to encounter acts like these acrobats performing in front of the municipalidad (equivalent to city hall). They were constantly in motion so I wasn't able to get a really sharp photo.
Up next: the lovely eucalyptus. Love that smell! Look at how the bark peels off.
As previously mentioned, the house is about a city-block walk from the river and the road is lined with mostly eucalyptus trees.
On one of our walks we saw a fallen log with a big ole fungus growing on it. We are talking BIG, probably 12"-14" long. And once you get down to the river, this is the view from the ford.
Or if you look down at the water, you'll see right down to the river bed. The water is THAT clear. The water is over a foot deep here. Crystal clear and refreshing!
Continuing with the nature theme, here's some of the luscious grapes we've been enjoying this week. If we can find canning jars and pectin, we'll make grape jelly.
This neighborhood is called La Rinconada and here's the stone pillar at the entrance gate. My in-laws were some of the first to buy a lot and put up a house, but in the intervening years, quite a few other houses have gone up. Isn't the porch on this pink stucco inviting? I can just imagine some wicker chairs, maybe a hammock, and a tall pitcher of lemonade sitting on a table. Can't you?
I know some of you might have been skeptical when I said they put eggs on EVERYTHING here. Well here's proof; those yellow bits? That's EGG on PIZZA! Notice it's only on half? The hubby knows my aversion to eggs with anything except sausage or bacon.
Sara graciously hosts Project 365 so be sure to visit her and the other participants who link to her blog. It's quite fun to see what everyone's been up to during the week!


LuAnn said...

Beautiful scenery pictures this week. Makes me ache for spring/summer. Love the stream!!!
God is good!

Mari said...

Oooh! I love the pictures! It looks so beautiful. About the egg - I happened to catch just a bit of a cooking show this week. She made pizza, then put a fried egg on it. Seems weird to me - who knew other people did that too?

sara said...

the pictures are beautiful!! That river does look very inviting!!

Eggs on a that is a first!

Nise' said...

Beautiful pictures. I can almost smell the eucalyptus!

rita said...

Me too! Oh, the fragrance of eucalyptus! Oh, to be there! GRRRREAT photos!

Lisa said...

Beautiful pictures. The quality IS very good. My mouth was watering looking at those grapes!

Dena said...

Beautiful pictures. The river looks so refreshing and peaceful!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great pictures, I just want to pull up a rocker and hang out on that porch, and I totally agree there are some things that just don't belong on pizza!!!


Becky said...

Beautiful sights and smells ;-) That pizza does look better without the eggs.

Esthermay said...

OhMyGoodness. Your photos are gorgeous! I'm envious of your landscape.
PIZZA: Too good to look at. I'm wasting time now on the Internet when I should be thinking about dinner -- but my time here was a blessing indeed! AND I have idea for dinner. Yes! PIZZA just like yours. I will at least try. No pictures. . . .
thanks for sharing your week!
and it's nice to meet you!
Kindest Thoughts,