Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spanish, it's gonna kill me

I sometimes despair that I'll EVER understand Spanish. Seeing the words written is so very different than hearing them spoken. My homework was to listen to a song online and fill in the missing blanks.

People, after an hour I had figured out TWO words. TWO WORDS! After an hour. *sigh*

Iff'n you'd like to give it a whirl, go right ahead and try. And don't tell me if you do a lot better than two words after an hour, 'kay?

I was much more successful with my sewing project. Yesterday I finished the matching mother/daughter aprons for my sister and her two little girls. I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, considering I didn't have a pattern and made it up as I went along. The hardest part was trying to shrink the pattern to fit the girls. (Have I mentioned math is not my strong suit?) But I think they are about the right size. Hope so anyway! I bought the fabric for these aprons over a year ago. Not setting any speed records, am I? But hey, at least they're done now. And going out in the mail as soon as I get an envelope!

While we're on the subject of sewing...we'd like to make some puppets but the website my co-worker thought would have the patterns charges big bucks. Anyone have a clue where we can get FREE or very inexpensive puppet patterns?

While I was happily cutting and sewing, and ripping out seams (did I just admit that?) and trying to do a little math, my hubby was installing the light fixtures in the living room and bath, running the gas line to the spot in the kitchen where we have a heater now, installing another outlet in the kitchen...AND he took time to make an amazing lunch! He whipped up a yummy asado and we thoroughly enjoyed eating on the back patio. The tomatoes and peppers are from our "garden" (i.e., plants along the wall). We're finding our favorite way to cook the readily available butternut squash is simply to roast or grill it. The sugars caramelize and make it so tasty!

Mondays are always pretty low key as we unwind from the weekend. Most people unwind on their weekends. For us, weekends are usually our busiest. 'Cause that's the best time to hang with people ☺


sara said...

I wish I could still remember all my spanish. I was an exchange student in Spain in HS. I remember being so excited the first time I had a dream in spanish!!! Stay strong, one day you will realize, wow I understand!!!

love the aprons! good job.

Elizabeth said...

The apron you made is adorable... I love it... although I need pockets... so that apron just a little longer and with one or two pockets would be perfect.. I like the fabric you used also... I am sure they are going to love their matching aprons...
the asado looks great... I can't wait to get a garden started here but for now I wait... it is snowing today so I am glad I don't have anything planted yet.
Keep up the good work in Spanish.

Mari said...

The apron is so cute and your grilled supper looks wonderful!

Susan D said...

Your grilled food looks scrumptdilelicious. Yep, I make up words. lol. Hang in there with the Spanish.....soon you will be understanding conversations and have a WOW moment. Blessings, SusanD

junglewife said...

It is SO hard to hear those words rather than reading them, isn't it? I remember when we were in language school, taking one of the last evaluations (we had 9 month-long units, and after every unit an evaluation). Part of the evaluation was for the instructor to read us a part of a newspaper article, and then they would ask us questions about it. I remember not understanding a single thing, and almost laughing when they were asking me questions, because I had NO idea what the article was about! (They usually read two articles, and I think the second one was a letter to the editor - MUCH easier! ha!)

The apron is adorable! Thanks for sharing your projects with us :-)

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I love it when you say "hang out with people," because i get it. And that apron is TOO CUTE. This year I'm participating in a garden, in which I'm promised, there will be tons of squash. i do not know how cook it besides bake it. Surprise.

rita said...

Well, I tried the song exercise and only got 6 words! Two others in the lyrics were new to me. I enjoyed the haunting melody and beautiful vocals. But it was definitely not sung in "teacherese" (i.e. slower!)
I remember a similar experience in German class and all I could pick out was ONE word.
The aprons are darling, and the asado looks delightfully delicious!

Lara Gisela said...

I love Spanish and I have learned it some years ago. But of course it is much easier for a portuguese person to learn spanish.
I love your apron!!! I want one like yours!