Sunday, April 12, 2009

Week 15, Project 365

Easter is different for us this year. I missed being able to go to our Good Friday service and I'm thinking longingly of the Sunrise Service back home (taking place even as I type this). But no matter where you are today HE IS RISEN! And we can rejoice in His resurrection and the new life that brought us. Hallelujah!

Even though Sara's hosting Project 365 Monday instead of Sunday this week, I'm posting my photos today as usual. I'm afraid if I get out of the routine, I won't get back in! I'm amazed I've stuck with it this long ☺ First up is a not-so-good photo of the matching mother/daughter aprons I made this week for my sister and her girls. By the time I finished them it was late and the ceiling light created a glare on all my photos. We've been hearing about this amazing bakery and their scrumpdelicious cakes. I'm just here to tell you, it's all true! We stopped by this week. Lovely box, heh? It's actually a pretty big box, and we bought the smallest cake they had (about 7" across) so it seemed sort of dwarfed inside the box. But you couldn't tell once we opened it up and took it out... ...and sliced into it...and before I could stop and take a photo I had to take a bite! Can you blame me?! Yes, it is delicious as it looks. It is so dense and rich and chocolatey that it will take us a week or more to finish it, tiny slice by tiny slice. This first piece was way too big! It took two sittings to finish what I thought was a small slice.

Yesterday I mentioned going to the XXVII Feria Internacional de Artesanians and promised more pictures. There were over 700 artesanos stretched over several buildings and it took us hours to make one pass through the entire show! A veritable feast for the eyes ☺ We thought our daughter, who's taking pottery again this semester, would enjoy a picture of one of the ceramica displays. The feria was also a feast for the ears. Here's one of the artesanos playing an instrument he handcrafted. Sheep, vicuña and alpaca (cousins of the llama) wool are used to make lovely sweaters, shawls, scarves, socks, gloves and ponchos. This wood carving artesano kept working despite the chaos and cacophony surrounding him. Thousands of people crowded the feria, buying beautiful things made from wood, leather, bone, wool, artesanos from all over Latin America. No quilts, but we did find this artesana who called her things "patschwork" -- leather goods of all sorts, created by piecing bits of leather together. We enjoyed the show tremendously -- what talent, what inspiration.

I can't close the post today without saying that my prayer is for each of you to have a blessed Easter, reflecting on the risen Savior!


sara said...

those were great! That cake looked divine!!! I wanted to reach in a grab a bite!!!

hope you will still link over tomorrow so everyone else can enjoy your week!

Happy day!

Mari said...

That cake looks sooo good! The artists there do such amazing things. Have a blessed Easter!

rita said...

I enjoyed enlarging the photos to see more detail, almost felt like I was there, without the cacophany however, and I couldn't reach out feel the soft wool ponchos. Worst of all I couldn't taste the cake :(
We are having a great Easter with family, more later in my blog.

Elizabeth said...

Wish I could have a piece of that looks delicious!

stephan said...

That looks like a Sacher Torte named for the Sacher hotel in Austria---it's chocolate sponge with apricot preserves topped with chocolate glaze as I recall.

am i right?


Lara Gisela said...

What a great weekend, Kim!!! I love «ferias» (feiras in Portuguese) too. The cake looks delicious and the aprons, I just love them.

TCKK said...

Great pictures. The cake looked awesome. The Artesans' Fair looked like so much fun. I would love to walk through there. Thanks for sharing it in pictures! Hope your Easter was awesome!

shelia said...

Love the aprons! How sweet...such a lovely mental and her little ones, aprons attached all cooking!

fransmomma said...

oh. my. goodness. CAKE!! looks delicious!! i love the aprons!

Becky said...

He is risen indeed!

Oh the cake looks yummy but I'll take my slice without the nut ;-)

Those aprons are so cute.

I love craft/art/artisan shows. What fun to see all that creativity in one place.

Dena said...

The aprons you made are so cute and that cake looks heavenly!! Great pictures!

Jenniferbuehrer said...

i want a Pancho =)
and cake