Saturday, April 4, 2009

To build or to buy? That was the question.

We traveled into Cordoba Friday for our monthly pilgrimage, although this time we didn't take such a long "to do" list. For one thing, the place where we'd been buying just about all our non-food items (cleaning, paper, personal care products) burned down recently and we haven't found comparable prices elsewhere yet. Meanwhile we're just buying locally on an as-needed basis, rather than in bulk.

The primary purpose of this trip was to look at furniture, seeing what's available and pricing different pieces. We spent three hours hitting a three block stretch filled with furniture stores. After you've been in a few, you've pretty much seen it all. But the reconnoissance proved helpful as we debated how much the hubby should build and what we'd be better off buying ready-made. Considering how ridiculous some of the prices are, the hubby's project list just got a LOT longer!

We did get some good design ideas, surreptitiously snapping photos of things we especially liked. Our favorite is arts & crafts (or mission) style with straight, clean lines and little or no ornamentation. Which is good, since that will be easier to build. The hubby brought tools but not for the fancy schmancy stuff. In addition to the things already on the list, he's going to build nightstands, end tables and a coffee table. Wish he could build a couch! After sitting on a good many VERY uncomfortable pieces of furniture that were quite expensive, we're sort of discouraged about what's available in the area of sofa beds. Maybe we'll find something we like better. No big hurry; we just need to have a couch that doubles as a bed by the end of the year when we're expecting a house full of company.

We did find two light fixtures (living room and bath) so that's exciting. No more dangling light bulbs! Plus we picked up a storage bin for potatoes, onions and other vegetables; it's got three wire "drawers" that slide out, and the piece fits perfectly under the kitchen sink. I love getting more ORGANIZED!

And we made the requisite stop at Walmart for tin foil, wax paper and peanut butter, a few of the things we just cannot buy locally. Gotta have my p.b. and banana sandwich periodically! What's your favorite peanut butter sandwich? Plain? With jelly? Banana? Something else?

Can you imagine life without peanut butter?! I'm so glad I don't have to ☺


Mari said...

Isn't it great that your hubby can build some of your furniture? Mine has built a lot of ours too and it saves a lot!

sara said...

my favorite is PB and honey. But PB and banana would be a close 2nd!!!

rita said...

I agree w/ Sara.
I love PB on apple slices!
Happy furnishing, build or bought.
Too bad Sam is not close, he does great work. Of course, Ivn needs no help.