Monday, April 13, 2009

We were a little down, then the internet joined us

Although this has nothing to do with the topic today, I just had to share: this morning during devotions we were reading in Ezekiel and the hubby chuckled when he got to 3:1, because his parents liked to quote this verse at the dinner table when he was growing up: “Son of man, eat what is set before you.”

Sometimes you just gotta stop and pop the odd thing in there, right?

What I really wanted to talk about is how the Lord brings along what you need when you need it. We’ve been a little discouraged lately. Last night we got online and listened to a message our pastor preached in November and it was exactly what we needed to hear.

An exposition of Romans 8:28. As Pastor said, one of the most claimed AND misunderstood promises in Scripture. Paul isn’t talking about God giving us all the things WE want. Not.At.All. Paul is talking about how God’s predestination is focused on an intended outcome: our conformity to the image of Christ. What is GOOD then, is that which will accomplish our transformation. God makes GOOD all things that will aid in this process of conforming us to His image.

Sometimes that means we need to experience His sufficiency in suffering.

Not that we’re languishing or suffering exceedingly. We’ve just been discouraged with the slow pace of ministry and with my health issues. Like the thorn Paul kept asking be removed, until he realized God.Had.A.Purpose.For.The.Thorn.

Because you know what? God has the power to take every event, every experience in our lives and make it GOOD, use it to conform us into His image.

Can I just say: AMEN!

Our internet went down mid-morning and a call to the company indicated it could take 72 hours to get properly fixed.


Apparently we have noise on our phone line and the noise was really loud all day. This evening the connection came back for a very brief period [I've only been checking every hour on the hour...okay, every half hour all day], then it went down again...we'll see how long it stays up this time.

Meanwhile the hubby was actually getting some real work done, stripping years of wax build-up off the dining room floor. Back-breaking work. Said back is now saying it does not appreciate the contortions required to get the floor done.

Believe me, we’ll be a lot more careful with the next rental to make sure these things are not our responsibility! We thought we were getting a good trade: lower rent in return for doing the cleaning and painting ourselves. Not only has the work far outweighed the difference in cost, we’re realizing that there was no difference because tucked into the contract was the stipulation that we pay the property taxes. Know what that does? Brings the rent up to the going rate, or a little beyond.

Live and learn. Wonder how this is helping to conform us?


Mari said...

I'm sorry you are having to deal with these issues but I really appreciate the attitude you have and the lesson you shared!

Christy said...

Kim, you've been on my mind - please know I'm praying for you and the various medical difficulties you're facing. Your attitude in this post is an encouragement to me!

skoots1mom said...

the bitter is hard to swallow with the sweet...but, you have to eat what is before you...
good quote...
glad your system's back up!
i'm laundering and sanitizing the kitchen..woohoo!

rita said...

Good words, sistah!
Tell brothah it was good to hear his voice on the answering machine when I got home.