Tuesday, April 28, 2009

There's going to be a few dietary changes around here...

...after the hubby had his cholesterol tested and he scored way TOO HIGH. He's had problems for several years but kept it under control (more or less) with diet. This is the first time he's had it checked since we arrived in Argentina and I'm not surprised considering the amount of chorizos and pasta he's put away in the past eight months. Well, no more (or very little) of either of those for him now!

The thing he's saddest about giving up: chocolate. And who can blame him? That stash I photographed will last a lot longer with only me eating it ☺ I'm trying to be sympathetic but...IT'S MINE, IT'S ALL MINE! (insert maniacal laughter)

The doctor wanted to put him on medication right away but the hubby requested six weeks to see if we can start to bring it down with diet and exercise. He's been doing really good with the exercise, walking into town and back almost every single morning of the week.

Already on the menu tonight was homemade chicken soup with pasta. He didn't get many ravioli in his bowl. Next time I'll just do chicken and vegetable soup.

He has to eliminate chocolate, butter, pasta, fatty meat, fried foods, mayonnaise and all milk products (except skimmed) from his diet plus cut way, WAY back on the sugar and bread. It's a sad day in the House of Hoyt as he contemplates such drastic changes. Pobrecito!

On a happier note, the daughter handed in her research paper this morning! Woot! Her presentation is Thursday so she's still preparing for that but she survived her first all-nighter in college. Hopefully her ONLY all-nighter ☺ Thanks for praying for her!

Tomorrow I'll be checking out a rental place in town as part of my on-going Spanish assignment to plan a wedding. Sometime this week I also have to check at the Registro Civil about what we need, paper-wise, to get married. Hope we don't need our D.N.I.s! The hubby checked last week (we've been going every month to see if they're back yet) and the man told him it would probably be the end of the year, or even next year, before we get our national I.D. cards.

I cleaned off the desk today and caught up on filing. What a relief! Just in time so I can mess it all up again because it's the end of the month and what happens at the end of the month? the monthly expense report of course. Which you know is just my favoritest activity ever. NOT. But as I use to tell my kids when we homeschooled, "It doesn't have to be fun, it just has to be done." Never thought those words would come back to haunt me like this.

My main purpose in cleaning off the desk though, it so I'll have room to work on some sewing projects. I have a baby quilt that needs to be finished, a curtain valance to make, a number of other projects underway... Most are things I'll do on the sewing machine but I have a few handsewing projects that go along nice when we're traveling. I have a goal of finishing some UFOs that have been hovering over me for a very long time. I've been seeing some adorable projects out there, cute little clothes and accessaries that wouldn't be hard to do once you're organized. In other words, I am feeling rather INSPIRED. We'll see what comes out of it. I missed the whole Spring To Finish that Jacquie hosted; it's just been that kind of month.

But May is coming, and I'm declaring May as MY MONTH! So bring 'er on! I can't wait to see what we can get accomplished. Plus all the celebrating...a few anniversaries, some birthdays, and who knows what else (since we're living in Argentina where having holidays is a major past-time). I feel a little sad to be missing graduation open houses. Plus one very special wedding but even though we can't be there in person, our thoughts and prayers will be with the happy couple.

Referring back to the multitudinous holidays of Argentina, I guess this Friday is a BIG one. As in even the grocery stores close (that's my gauge of how big a holiday is here, because the grocery stores hardly ever close). It's the first day of May, a.k.a. International Labor Day. From what we hear, it's the biggest holiday after New Year's in Argentina. We, along with our co-workers, will be taking a group of young people to a special event at the Palabra de Vida facility in Santa Rosa....lots of sports and food on the agenda. Let the games begin!


sara said...

you should look into "juice plus". both my parents have high coles. and taking juice plus regularly has dramatically lowered them both! it is all natural, fruits and vegies, in pill form and has many benefits. you can read about it at juiceplusDOTcom!

Elizabeth said...

Poor Uncle Ivan... having to give up bread here in the US is not as big of a deal as having to give up bread in Argentina... that warm, fresh baked... crunchy on the outside... chewy on the inside bread... Well, as you can see bread is my weakness...
I can't wait to see pictures of all the sewing projects you get done.

Ma Hoyt said...

Omega 3 fish oil is also good for lowering cholesterol. It has worked great for both Loren and myself.

I take about 3600 mg per day, 3 pills of 1200 each.

rita said...

Ivan & I probably have the hereditary tendency. Because other risk factors are not there, my docs have not been too concerned. However, I am grateful for all the advice here and may attempt a natural route to lower chol, especially considering finances.
You must be feeling better!
Let inspiration roll!

skoots1mom said...

my jubi-sista...i believe youo are feeling better.
sorry hubby's having to tweak, no that sounds too little, obliterate seems more appropriate.
cholesterol is one reason i'm sticking with the working out on 30x5...i really don't want to take cholesterol meds.
eager to see your new projects...i've been crocheting more baby sandals...and turned in 17 of my baby bonnets. i've started a "red/black" scarf for one of our youth's graduating seniors...she's one of my favs and i want her to remember me after she leaves our youth group...figured she could wear it to the GA bulldogs' games.
i didn't sleep last night and didn't work out today...the hotflashes have been hitting me hard today.
May is my countdown month to my "treadmill" test at the dr. ofc in June...i'm not eager for that but if i stay steady with my workouts i believe i'll at least be able to make it thru the test...that is, if they don't ramp it up too much and make me run...girl, i just can't run.

Have fun at the International Labor Day festivities...oooohhhhh, more bbq, I bet!!
have a good night :)

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

My husband struggles with high cholesterol, but it is a family thing, all the male members of his family struggle wit it, so he has been on medication for years. We have cut back on all the problem foods and he still from time to time has to make an adjustment in his medication to try and bring his numbers down. It is a bummer.

Making the transition can be problematic, but not impossible. We switched to frozen yogurt instead of ice cream and we have been using Smart Start for years, a good substitute with much lower numbers, we added some fish to our diet ( a huge adjustment for me as it is not my favorite) sometimes i even do a vegetarian meal every once and a while and we do lots of nice salads, so it works for the most part. I will admit that I do from time to time slip in a grilled steak or other no-no but moderation is the key!!!!!

Hope you hubs numbers improves at his next visit!


Debbie said...

My husband has the inherited high cholesterol too. He finally gave in and started the medicine. He still watches his diet and exercises though.

Kim said...

Greetings Kim!
Thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog, I'm very glad to "meet" you. You quilt for the festival is absolutely gorgeous, I adore art quilts and yours is one of the nicest I've seen! I do feel like we're kindred spirits and I am very much looking forward to following your blog (and reading the back posts). We seem to be at the same point in our lives and I look forward to sharing. Again, great meeting you and looking forward to more interaction.