Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday was the day before Friday

Today is Friday, right? Yesterday went by in a blur but I'm pretty sure it was Thursday. Crazy busy with Spanish, art class and a doctor's appointment and I had precious little time online except for that spent studying. I learned about proper table etiquette in Argentina. [Have you heard of a melon fork? What does one look like anyway?] Probably a good thing our budget won't stretch for a fancy restaurant. I might eat my peas with the melon fork and wouldn't that be embarrassing?!

Lots of ladies showed up for art class so we were pretty crowded, which prompted the teacher to turn on the ceiling fan to circulate some air in our rather warm second story loft space and then my bits of paper went flying everywhere. I had to keep either the scissors or my ruler on the stack of paper, carefully replacing one with the other when I needed to cut or measure something. Made for an interesting class. I was so distracted trying to keep my paper from blowing away that I didn't concentrate very much on the assignment.

Not real happy with the resulting piece. We were supposed to translate last week's color collage into shades of gray. Mine is just a muddy mess. Partly because it was so hard to find different shades of gray. I found light and I found dark, but not a whole lot between. Then yesterday I kept looking at my color collage for reference but I'd used a lot of pastels whose shading is so similar that it simply doesn't work well in grays. In the end my teacher suggested I use black paint in strategic places to bring balance to the piece, which is rather dark in the center and fades into light gray nothingness on the edges.

Since I have no idea what I'm doing, this could get interesting.

Maybe I'll create something so amazing that I'll sell it for a lot of money and take a trip around the world.

More likely it will end up in file 13 with the rest of my art class projects.

So it's Friday and y'all probably have really exciting weekend plans. We do too! Yessiree Bob. We have it on good authority that on Rally weekend, Disco gets in a lot of imported foods from around the world to sell to the flood of international visitors. So the hubby is doing a little reconnaissance on his walk while I'm in Spanish to see if they have anything we'd really, really like and they probably won't stock until this time next year. I'll let you know if we score anything special ☺

The hubs is pretty excited to begin discipling a new believer, a young man who came to know Christ last year. They're going to get together on Saturdays after P gets off work. He's on the maintenance staff at one of the nicer resorts in the area so now that summer is over, he's not as busy. Busy, but not as busy.

My daughter is finishing up the semester at college and I'd sure appreciate if you would pray for her. This has been her busiest, most intense semester and there's a lot happening right now. Next week she'll be presenting her research on how new media has affected the way missionaries communicate, with folks back home as well as those on the field. She's also working on a promotional video for the local United Way, finishing up projects for pottery, and preparing for finals in other classes. This morning she handed in her big paper on C. S. Lewis. In addition she works about 25-30 hours a week at a restaurant and helps her grandma care for grandpa when she can. She's an amazing girl who juggles a lot of responsibilities, but I know she is feeling a little stressed out these days.

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rita said...

Hi, crazy busy lady, mother of crazier busy girl!
Have a great Disco-food-filled Rally weekend.