Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Meanderings

This is my last Monday Meanderings for a while because I'm going to participate in Linda's Fall Into Flavor meme.

Instead of a mish mash of my thoughts (kinda scary how I let you see the way my brain works) you'll get a bonafide autumnish recipe. Since Linda just announced the meme today, we're actually starting tomorrow.

So you're stuck with one more Monday of the meandering...

I heated up leftover potato pancakes this morning after getting up at 8 a.m. I could have used another hour or two (catching up on insufficient sleep recently) but making it past 7 a.m. (no matter what time I get to sleep the night before) is a huge victory for me. I'll take what I can get.

Anyway, the point I started to make...I ate all but one of the pancakes before Ivan made it to the kitchen and of course that's not enough so he also grabbed a chocolate scone. Interesting combination, no? Potato pancake with ketchup on one side of his plate, chocolate scone on the other. I think that covers all the food groups: grains (pancakes are a kind of bread), fruits and vegetables (ketchup and potatoes -- and don't try to tell me a potato isn't a vegetable), dairy (there's a bit of cheese in the pancakes), oils (duh! I fried those pancakes in a little olive oil -- one of the healthiest oils on the planet), and of course we cannot forget the most important food group of all: CHOCOLATE.

If you're famous here you just might get a roundabout named after you.

Such is the case for a famous race car driver from Alta Gracia whose roundabout is on one of the major roads leading into the city. [Disclaimer: this isn't the roundabout I'm referring to; I don't have a photo of that one. This is just some random photo off the internet.]

Or you might have a toll station named in your honor. Which actually, if you think about it, might be more of an honor than the roundabout, because you have to actually STOP at toll stations and there's a greater likelihood of passersby seeing your name. Those who whiz onto roundabouts are often going too fast to catch the name on the sign.

I have a love/hate relationship with roundabouts. Being from the U.S. I am more accustomed to stop lights and we do have plenty of those here. But because of the strong British influence, there's also a number of roundabouts. Which do have their uses. If you're not sure which road to take, you can get on the roundabout and go round and round until you figure it out. With a light you have to make a decision and if it's the wrong one, then you must get turned around. Roundabouts also help keep the flow of traffic going, unlike lights that cause one to STOP (sometimes suddenly), except when too many of us who have no idea where we're going get going round and round and round and cause a bit of a traffic jam. My biggest beef with them though is that the signs are on the roads BEFORE the roundabouts so unless you got a good look before getting on, you could be going in circles for hours minutes a while before determining which direction you want to go.

Does it sometimes feel like my mind is on a roundabout?

Yesterday was Mother's Day in Argentina and we spent a few hours taking a leisurely drive around the lake, exploring a few spots along the way. I made potato salad and we bought the fixings for ham sandwiches so we could take a picnic with us on our drive. Right about lunch time we found ourselves up the side of a hill overlooking this valley...

We'd driven up to check out this church.

And it was so pretty up there we decided it would make a good picnic spot. So we hauled out our lawn chairs, cool bag and picnic basket and set up on the small veranda of a nearby building (no idea what it is used for; all the windows were shuttered so we couldn't tell). That view, a slight breeze and good food hit the spot. Hard to leave but we'd only made it half way around the lake.

In Bialet Masse we stopped to look at the first lime kiln ever built in Argentina, and when we looked up what should we see in the distance but the church where we'd just eaten lunch. It's visible from just about anywhere you go in the valley.

Across the street from the kiln was a little touristy type shop. Looks like it couldn't make up its mind whether to go with a Spanish adobe style or Victorian gingerbread. And that color! Whew, talk about being visible. Good marketing tool because it definitely draws the eye.

We also traversed up a mini mountain but I don't want to talk about that. The winding dirt roads and sheer cliffs made me close my eyes, apply the imaginary brake pedal on my side of the car, and PRAY. I do not do well with heights and felt sick to my stomach by the time we made it to the top. Coming down only compounded the problem and at that point I just wanted TO GO HOME AND LIE DOWN. I'm such a wimp.

Our winter garden did really well. We're still getting lettuce, peas and green onions out of it. But for some reason our cabbage never formed heads, and only a few of our beets grew big enough to warrant digging out. Not sure if it's a soil or sunshine issue. Haven't done much with our summer garden yet except plant tomatoes. Our cherry tomato plants from last year resurrected on their own and already have blossoms! We also put in another cilantro plant; one can never have too much cilantro. It's one of our favorite herbs.

The glasses I had sent from the U.S. are too big. So now we're thinking about using my old frames and having new lenses put in. Something we'll check into this week.

While I was getting dressed this morning I realized I have a LOT of green shirts. Close to the green I painted on the walls in this one room of our house (all the other rooms are white). For a girl who has always preferred blue and yellow, I'm confused by my current obsession with green. Particularly THIS shade of green (odd, but the photo shows a greater disparity in shades of green than I see in "person" -- they "are closer than they appear" in the photo) you think if I combined my favorite shade of blue with my favorite shade of yellow, I'd come up with this green?

It's a thought.

As far as thoughts go, this is all I have for now. So concludes our final Monday Meanderings for a while. 


2Thinks said...

Roundabouts scare the beegeebers out of me. I don't know if I have to yield going in and I'm scared to shoot out. It feels like you're a marble in a hand held pinball game or something. I also am terrified of climbing steep hills with hairpin turns and no guard rails, such as the ones in Switzerland on the way to St. Moritz! Yikes. I relate to what you described here about it.

It's fun to learn about the customs there, from you, like the Mother's Day they just had there.

Like you, I am in a green phase of life. On the walls, the shirts, my purse....Interesting.

Mari said...

I'm not sure where to start because you covered a lot of territory here! I like green too - lots of it in my wardrobe. I love that little tourist shop - it's cute regardless of what style it is. Looks like a fun day yesterday, with a great view! We have a roundabout near us and I kind of like it. Ours isn't named after anyone though.

KD said...

I think it's interesting that you list your colors as blue and yellow and yet you own green! I always said my favorite color was blue until about 5 years ago I realized that it now is purple! Don't know when it changed, but definitely our cells that change out completely every seven years???
I, too, am enjoying reading about somewheres else. Loved the church. Thanks

rita said...

Beautiful scenery, quaint and interesting villages, church, shop. I can see some German influence there.
What is a lime kiln? Anything to do with pottery?
Feliz dia de la madre!