Saturday, October 10, 2009

Week 41, Project 365

We're heading to Rio Cuarto for the 100th anniversary of the Grace Brethren Church in Argentina! So this post for Project 365 will be (blessedly?) brief...

Last Sunday we went to a birthday party. I took tons of photos but they didn't turn out that great. This one of Ivan and Angel isn't half bad though.

Monday through Wednesday Ivan helped our co-worker with a project at their house. First they made a mess :-)
A city in Argentina seems an odd place to find a log cabin style house, but that's just what we came across on a walk this week.

Yellow is my favorite color. I love flowers. How could I not adore these?

They've started work on the empty lot next door. They're putting up two narrow, two-story homes attached in townhome fashion. All the work has been done by hand so far, including digging all the trenches for the footings. The only machinery we've seen have been the trucks that deliver materials.  This photo only shows half the lot.

Friday brought Sweet Success at last! Edible no bake cookies that didn't have to be eaten with a spoon. It only took SIX tries!

October 12 is a BIG holiday here. Dia de la Raza celebrates the arrival of Cristobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) in the New World.  There are festivities going on all weekend all over the country. We heard a racket on the costanera and Ivan walked down to find a rodeo going on. So we hauled our folding chairs down and watched for a while. The little guys were competing and they were just TOO CUTE.

The next competition was a new one for me. One rider pulled another gaucho on a large leather rug through a path lined with barrels...
When they reached the end of the path they had to whip around the last barrel, switch places and then race to the finish line.

Is it just me or does that look rather painful?!

We'll be gone Sunday and Monday, busy with the festivities. Ivan's folks served here with Grace Brethren Foreign Missions for many, many years so we expect to see lots of old friends. Not planning to be online until we return so it'll be later in the week before I catch up with all the other 365 participants.

Have a great week!


sara said...

wow, 100th anniversary. very cool!

yes, after seeing all your pictures of argentine, it seems a strange place for a log cabin! but it looks pretty!

gorgeous flowers!

yea! for success with the cookies!

that little guy riding the horse is amazing! How does he stay on?

the racing rug......painful, for.sure.

have a great time!!!

Mari said...

Lots going on! The flowers are beautiful and I love the log cabin. although it is an unusual place to find one. The rodeo looks fun to watch, but I wouldn't want to be doing it!
Have fun with your friends!

Elizabeth said...

100 years for GBC that is awesome! Praise the Lord!

I like the cabin...I would love to see the inside!

Those flowers are beautiful!

Congrats on the success of the no bake cookies...glad it finally worked!

That game looks very painful but I guess it must be fun...

Have a great time celebrating with the GBC people!

Dena said...

Oh my goodness, I can't imagine building 2 homes by hand with no machinery. How time consuming and exhausting!

The flowers are beautiful. I love the soft yellow of them.

No way would I ever allow someone to pull me around on a rug like that. That looks not only painful, but terrifying!

skoots1mom said...

How far away is Rio Cuarto from you? Safe travel....

The pic of Ivan and Angel is really the gnarly tree behind them

What a pretty log cabin...i saw some pretty log cabins this weekend while in the mtns

Hand construction is a lot quieter, I hope...but hard, I bet.

So what did you do specifically to make the SIXth try work?

I've never heard the name "Dia de la Raza"...You get to see lots of neat festivities there. Love me some rodeos...especially barrel your pics.

My back would not make it through a pull on a leather rug...ouch! Bet they had fun though...

May you and Ivan see many old friends. HAVE FUN!

SusanD said...

WOW! That's a full week. I've seen that type of "pull" race before. The equipment was a little different though. It was a motorcycle pulling a guy on a tire. Similar to a boat pulling an inner tube. Craziness, if you ask me. hahahaha Blessings, SusanD

Sarah said...

Those flowers ARE beautiful!

rita said...

Your formula works every time: great photos and narrative + humor + Argentine culture and views + beauty in nature or art. Wow! No wonder you have many faithful followers.
I am praying for the 100th anniversary celebration and simply CAN'T WAIT to hear ALL the stories and details. I am asking several friends to report to me so I get different perspectives and a fuller picture. May you feel so loved and appreciated as you stand in for our faithful parents who cannot be there but are remembered gratefully by MANY.

Chel's Leaving a Legacy said...

That log cabin is beautiful! I can imagine it seems out of place, but who cares? I'd live in it! :-)

The flowers are beautiful, too. They are simply bursting from that fence!

I just made those no bake cookies last week...aren't they wonderful? Glad you got them to work for you!

That that young man looks TINY on that HUGE horse! Wow! I'll bet that was fun to watch.

Have fun this week!

☼Karen☼ said...

In that top photo, Ivan totally looks like Jon. I know, Jon looks like Ivan. But I see Jon a lot more often than I see Ivan.

The rug racing looks hilarious! I think I would love to watch that!