Friday, October 30, 2009

This southern girl is very very sad

Because I dropped my computer tonight and the screen is a goner. I was trying so hard to hang onto it because anything that falls on these hard ceramic floors is done for, but it slipped out of my grasp about a foot, foot and a half from the floor. I'm thankful the entire computer didn't bust into a gazillion pieces.

I feel oddly bereft. It's amazing how I've come to depend on my little Macbook for so much. Communication via e-mail, facebook, this blog... The ability to look up recipes, find out how to do things, get ideas for craft projects, shop (just before it happened I scored a great pair of sewing scissors on eBay), keep up-to-date on world affairs, watch funny videos, watch serious videos, listen to music, share our photos on flickr... The computer and internet are such a big part of our lives these days.

I'm on Ivan's PC now and he will happily share with me until we can get mine fixed. Who knows how long that will be? The closest Mac store is in Cordoba but all computers and parts are imported. It's highly probable we'll have to wait for the part we need to be shipped from the U.S. It may make more sense to just wait until our daughter comes and have her bring the part so Ivan can fix it. Just not sure yet, and we won't know until we call the store tomorrow.

Our address book is on the Mac so we won't be able to send out e-mail updates (and I'm overdue on that little task as it is). That's my biggest concern right now. I can do most everything else with this computer. And we'll have to coordinate our schedules since we typically are on our computers at the same time (early morning and/or late evening).


In other news, the power kept going off today. A good part of the afternoon (when it was at its hottest), we had no electricity and therefore no fan action. I don't need to tell you how not fun that was. Andrea and I spent part of the time sitting as still as we could at the dining table, working on art projects. Didn't like to move as that induced great big drops of perspiration. Actually just breathing did that. Anyway, by 7 p.m. it was cooler outside than in (not by much, but at least there was a slight breeze outside) so we moved out to the patio.

(BTW, at 11 p.m. it's still almost 90 degrees.)

It was supposed to rain tonight but that's not in the forecast any more., a site for those into wind-related sports, now predicts rain late tomorrow afternoon. [We like the site because it has a lot more details about the weather and they're broken down into three hour increments.] We're hoping and praying it does rain because that will cool things down. The news is reporting wild fires all over the province, including the Calamuchita Valley again. This morning we had a smokey haze hanging over Carlos Paz for a few hours but it blew over. Not sure which blaze but it could be from one of several in neighboring valleys.

Meanwhile, I am thankful the electricity came back on this evening and the fans are oscillating, providing much needed relief. And like I said, I'm thankful the computer didn't suffer total annihilation. It could be worse. Much worse. I'm thankful we still have the PC so we're not completely computer-less. Do I hear an Amen?


Mari said...

I'm sorry! I would be sad too. It's been raining here all day, but lots cooler temps than you have.
PS - we had your Cuban Pork roast and then Cuban sandwiches this week. Yummy!

rita said...

Sooooooooooooooooo sorry.
I know what you mean about becoming soooooooooooo dependent.
Today, still waiting for a car solution, we were online ALL day, as i have been most of this week.
It's hard to imagine the hot weather you are experiencing. Isn't it a bit early?

2Thinks said...

Oh dear... not good, not good at all. And I can't imagine that heat, it's cold and rainy (except yesterday it was warm and rainy) here and soon we will have inches and feet of snow.


Chin up, everything will work out alright. It's so nice of Ivan to share. Some wouldn't, you're mightily blessed. :)

sara said...

oh Kim, I am so sorry. It would definitely put a crimp in my style if I lost my Macbook. I will be praying that you can get the part quickly and cheaply!!

Your heat sounds like AZ where I grew up...only I had AC!! I have a friend that is a missionary in Niger (just moved there) and they are experiencing extreme heat too.

I wish I could send you some of our rain!! I would happily do that!!!

Christy said...

NO! I am so, so sorry!! Only people so reliant on their computers for communication can understand - and I happen to be one of those people! I hope the part will be there pronto and you won't have to wait for your daughter to bring it down.

prashant said...

I am so sorry. It would definitely put a crimp in my style if I lost my Macbook. I will be praying that you can get the part quickly and cheaply!! Work From Home