Saturday, October 31, 2009

Week 44, Project 365

My fondness for symmetry is well-known so obviously I'm happy that it's week forty-four of Project 365. To say nothing of the fact that four is my favorite number; not sure why but I've always liked the number four.

As some of you know, my Macbook had a close encounter with the hard ceramic floor in my living room on Friday evening. I managed to hang onto it (as it was slipping from my hands) until it was about a foot off the floor, so it wasn't totally destroyed but it did suffer major damage to the screen. Since the part will have to be imported it could be a while before it's fixed. *sigh* Meanwhile Ivan is graciously sharing his PC.

First up this week are flowers from our garden. The lavender plant is doing quite well and I plan to dry some and make sachets.

Work on the lot next door proceeds. At the beginning of the week they poured the footers.

By the end of the week they'd started on the walls.
The cherry tomato plant from last year came back of its own accord and already has a tomato just about ready to pick. I love fresh tomatoes!

Wednesday we went to Cordoba. Our first stop was the Palacio Ferreyra, which was originally the private home of one of the wealthiest families in the country. The government turned it into an art museum a few years ago. Every time I go I think what a wonderful place for a Cinderella-type of wedding.

Our last stop that day was Walmart. I'd never seen this sign designating for-pregnant-women-only-parking. Do they use it in the U.S. too?

Our neighbors have two dogs, both adorable. This is one of them.

Speaking of dogs, we were downtown the other night and walked through a galeria (sort of like a mini mall) and what should we see -- inside! -- but a dog. They're EVERYWHERE!

And finally, a photo of our honeysuckle bush which is loaded with intoxicating blossoms -- I wish I could share the heavenly scent with you.
Sharing the PC means less computer time; I won't be able to comment as often; it'll be more like drive-by visits, slowing down just long enough to read your posts. I hope you'll forgive my lack of blog etiquette in the meantime.


Mari said...

The flowers are beautiful! Yes - the US has the pregnant woman parking too. It's something that has recently been popping up. I'm thinking it's overkill - there's soon no place for the rest of us. :)

Jewel said...

Never seen a symbol painted like that before.. but I have seen pink metals signs indicating "Parking for parents with young children."

I noticed especially in Ecuador that everyone has at least 1 dog, and many also run the streets. Crazy!

sara said...

your flowers are gorgeous!

I didn't know tomato plants would come back on their own!!

that staircase is amazing and would be lovely to walk down as a bride!

the "pregnant parking" made me laugh!!! That is one pregnant lady!!! We have signs that say "for expectant mothers".

did that dog in the mall belong to someone? or was it just window shopping?!

I love the smell of honeysuckle! We had it growing at my house when I was's one of my favorite smells!!

rita said...

44 is a good number, it's my year!
I laughed at the PG symbol. I wonder if Kristie has seen any of those signs?
Honeysuckle, one of my most favoritist enredaderas (?) or bushes (?) Send some back with Tina ;)
OK I will forgive you for commenting less, but I WILL miss that :(

Lisa said...

I first noticed that sign when I was pregnant with my first five years ago and I remember thinking, aren't pregnant women some of the people who could use a walk the most??

I enjoy watching construction always amazes me how they can put something up so fast.

Sorry 'bout your computer!

Elizabeth said...

Sorry about your computer... I know how much I depend on mine and how hard it is when I don't have it available for a day or two.

I love the picture of the flowers... they are so bright and colorful.

Love the symbol od the pregnant lady. I have never seen that symbol before...

Cute dog too!

skoots1mom said...

i've been away on a 'girl' trip to the mountains...i'm ready to go far behind in things though.
have missed blogging with everyone...hope it's rained and things have cooled off for you some.
loved all your pictures, especially your flowers!

SmallTownRunner said...

What a cute doggie! And I miss honeysuckle. My parents used to have some at the end of their driveway. Maybe they still do, but I don't live there anymore.

Dena said...

The flowers from your garden are so pretty and so colorful. Love them!

I've seen parking for pregnant women, but have never seen the symbol painted. That made me laugh.

The art museum does look like a beautiful place for a wedding. Wow!

prashant said...

I noticed especially in Ecuador that everyone has at least 1 dog, and many also run the streets. Crazy! Work From Home

Anonymous said...

Well, having grown up in Buenos Aires myself the picture of the honeysuckle almost made me cry...most of the windows in our house had them so you could actually smell it inside the house...can't get it to grow in Connecticut though.....About the pregnant parking signs, around here only Target has them but when you are in your last months, in the ice or snow and carrying a couple more kids....they are heaven sent :)