Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Not sure what I should call it...

This evening I'll be hosting a group of ladies who want to improve their English and I'm not sure what to call it. We'll be having tea and scones but to call it an English Tea implies we'll be having tea in the traditional English manner, and that's not the case. To call it an English Club sounds rather juvenile (to me, at least). Any ideas?

I'm rather nervous, having never done anything like this before. My sweet SIL sent a link to englishclub.com which has some good advice and ideas. We'll see how it goes. Being the up front person of anything takes me out of my comfort zone. And I'll tell you a secret. Even though my major was in communication, my verbal skills are less than stellar when I'm nervous. I become a verbal dyslexic, suddenly develop nervous tics and stutter, and generally become about as clear as mud when trying to convey even the most simple sentence. You have never seen anyone butcher the English language like I can when nervous. Pray, por favor!

I'm going to make two kinds of scones: my favorite chocolate chocolate chip and a recently discovered recipe for apple cinnamon.

We'll only be meeting for an hour, hour and a half, and tonight is more a get-acquainted time and an opportunity for me to see how advanced the ladies are with English. I know one of the ladies well (my friend Graciela) but the others I've only met in passing. I have two activities planned but would like to have a total of five, in case they go really fast. I'd rather be over-prepared and run out of time than run out of things to do. I am not good at improvising, especially in situations like that.

So I'm off to search englishclub.com and see what ideas I can pilfer. If you have any potential names for our group, pass them along!


skoots1mom said...

"sorber de Inglaterra", maybe?

'sipping English' :)

sounds like fun! will be praying you up as you enjoy new acquaintances

rita said...

"Ladies' Night" in English, of course.

2Thinks said...

"So, ya wanna learn some English, huh" club. I'm a Communication major too, trust me, this is a good name for the club.

The treats sound delightful!


Christy said...

How about the Cool Chicks Club or 3Cs? But it doesn't matter what you call it - you'll make it fabulous! Besides, no one will care about the name once they're eating the scones.

Sarah said...

P.S. I'm following you now! :)