Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Randomness Strikes Again!

Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee comes up with "veddy int'resting" questions for this meme (do you remember the German soldier in Hogan's Heroes who was always saying that?). Her mind must be in perpetual motion, thinking them up :-) My mind is ready for a hiatus so answers this week will be (mostly) short and sweet.

1. I've always wondered why we were taught both printing and cursive. Do you prefer to print or write cursive? (Keyboard is not a choice.)
Cursive; it’s quicker.

2. Are you a dreamer or a realist?
Definitely a realist. Married to a dreamer. We balance one another :-)

3. Billy Joel or Elton John?
Billy Joel.

4. What is the scariest movie you've ever seen? Not limited to horror flicks but also includes ones where the tension or suspense is killer, for example, Flightplan (2005): A bereaved woman and her daughter are flying home from Berlin to America. At 30,000 feet the child vanishes and nobody admits she was ever on that plane.
The Exorcist. Had nightmares for YEARS after that. Same with The Birds.

(so how many scary youtube videos are we going to watch today?!)

5. Now what is the scariest real-life moment you've had?
Being on a rural road in western Uganda, just across from the Congo, at night and coming across an obviously homemade roadblock of tree branches and other debris and then having men with large guns come out of the bush to surround the car. GULP! We’d been warned not to be out after dark in that area because guerillas from Congo (men, not animals) would make excursions across the border periodically. However the car had broken down not once, but THREE times, delaying us so there we were... Very thankful to find out the men with big guns were the local police who simply didn’t have money for uniforms. They looked us over quite well but, thankfully, didn't make us unload our packed-to-the-gills vehicle and after about 10 minutes let us proceed. It took me most of the trip back over the Rwenzori mountains for my heart to slow down!

6. What word do you misspell without fail?

Consistently? None that I can think of. 

7. Name something you like to do but are not really talented or good at.
Art and music.

8. Do you get your emotional/mental batteries recharged by being around people or by having alone time?

9. Have you ever been on TV?

10. Apple or pumpkin pie? (Don't be greedy.)
Apple. With vanilla ice cream, of course.

11. How many magazine subscriptions do you have?
None right now. While living in the U.S. I had one a year, usually having to do with quilting. And I always read through Ivan's Fine Homebuilding magazines, too.

12. What lesson do you have to keep re-learning?

That I don’t have to always be in control but can rest in the knowledge that only God is in control. Oh.My.Word, this is a hard one!


Joyce said...

Wow-your scary story is definitely scary!

Oh, and your #12...I just have to say amen. That is a hard one for sure.

Enjoy your day!

Mari said...

Your frightening moment was bad! And I have a hard time with that control thing too.

Amy said...

Just came over from Linda's...your scary moment IS scary!!

Being a music and choir teacher it is funny how many people don't think that they are good a music...just sing baby it is good for the soul!!

Thanks for sharing!!


rita said...

Never saw Hogan's Heroes, nor The Birds, nor The Exorcist. I have been truly sheltered...or out of the country!
Brittish vs. American spelling confuses me.
# 12 TRUST, difficult in some situations.

BTW, are you going to do a Blurb book? Any suggestions as to what to include or not?

Debbie said...

I love Linda's questions too. The weird thing about me is I will combine cursive and printing in one word! My handwriting is atrocious.

Catherine said...

Oh, wow -- that was a very scary moment!!

#12. Yep, yep, yep. Sigh...

Judy said...

Amen to #12!

I HATED the movie The Birds! My older siblings made fun of me for that. That made me so mad.

Jenny wren's nest said...

I so glad you live to tell about the guerillas. scary!

SouthLakesMom said...

Scary! Reminds me of how grateful we should be living in a place where something like that is unheard of!

I think the 'veddy intelestink' was from Laugh-In. It was Arte Johnson, and he would draw it out really long and then say, "but shtupid!"

I remember it vaguely -- but I knew it wasn't Hogans Heroes because we've watched all of those on Netflix with the kids. Really. All of them. More than once. Many more times than once. Then they wanted to buy them and I said NO!

sara said...

ok you're frightening moment was truly frightening!!!

and yes, I remember Hogan's was my brother's and my favorite Southlakesmom is right, it was from laugh-in. The german soldier always said "I see nothing!!"

can't wait for you to share some of these great recipes you got on your trip!!!

Susanne said...

Your real life scary situation is very scary!

I have never ever seen The birds.

Boy, #12 is one I keep having to relearn too.

2Thinks said...

The Birds keep showing up for this answer. I had a real life The Birds experience the morning of the rooster attack.

#12 me too, yep.

Edie said...

Loved reading about you. Wow that scary moment tops anything I've ever been through!

H-Mama said...

I think I would have surely swallowed my tongue in your frightening situation! Apple pie with vanilla ice cream therapy would have been needed immediately. hehe. ;)

Justin Narin said...

Your choice of the scary movie is very scary and for the guerrillas from CONGO am glad you did not have to meet any of those.

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2nd Cup of Coffee said...

OK, friend, you win the prize for scariest real life moment!

Thanks for playing along. Have a wonderful weekend.