Friday, March 5, 2010

Last day of conference

So I just wasted spent 15 minutes trying to change the password at the cyber place. Problem was, it worked just fine with the old password but NOT AT ALL with the new one. They really wanted me to use the new one but finally relented when it was obvious it wasn't going to work.

We've had a great time with our fellow missionaries. The teaching has been excellent and we've learned (and re-learned) a great deal about biblical communication and harmony. I don't know if this is true of every missionary group, but this one can raise the roof when they sing. What a powerful set of voices! It's our one chance each year to sing in English and we really belt it out. Laughter rings out regularly (and loudly).

Especially last night during our annual Skit Night. I'm not sure when I've laughed so much but my throat hurts today from it. [It was totally worth it!] Our co-workers' daughters once again spoofed us and, as last year, they totally  nailed us. I wish I could share the video but I was laughing so hard the picture is jumpy and out-of-focus. I also kept cutting off one of their heads. I'm not sure what was funnier: "Ivan" warily accepting yet another version of No Bake cookies (y'all remember my quest to make them last year?) or "me" going to make a batch during a game because I was impatient with how long he was taking during his turn.

The missionary kids put together a series of short skits spoofing furlough experiences. I'm sure it wouldn't have been quite as funny for non-missionaries but for us it was HYSTERICAL. One skit was set in the airport, another in a car on the way to a church, one in the home of someone hosting missionaries and the final in a missionary "closet". Every year the kids come up with something new and it's always different and so creative.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to post for Project 365 this week. We're traveling Saturday night to Buenos Aires (on the ferry between Uruguay and Argentina) and I think Sunday with missionary friends will be pretty busy. If it's not possible to post photos this week I'll catch up next Sunday with two weeks worth. That might work better anyway since some of our photos are on Ivan's cell phone and we forgot the cable needed to transfer them to the computer.

I'm hoping our trip on the ferry this time will be better than last. Back in 2007 we came for a visit and happened to travel over on one of the hottest nights of the summer. The electrical system on the ship overloaded and shorted everything out, INCLUDING THE AIR CONDITIONING. With no windows that opened, and a storm raging outside that prevented us from going on deck, it was a miserable trip. I'm not the best sailor in the best circumstances; I was never so glad to see solid land in my life as when we landed in Uruguay that trip.

Looking forward to some sight-seeing in Buenos Aires over the next few days. We've been asking our Argentine friends what they thought we HAD to see and, while it's not possible to do everything they suggested, we do hope to do the three things mentioned most often. Which should translate into some cool (or at least interesting) photos next week for Project 365.

¡Hasta luego!


The Bug said...

I'm glad you had fun! Catch you when you get back home...

rita said...

So good to hear/read from you!
I was wondering whether this year's conference compared to last would help you gauge your Spanish progress, but if English was the only language of communication, guess not.
Hanging in there for a full report next week.

Betty said...

Sounds like you´re having a great time!! I love skit nights. They´re almost always hysterical. :)
Have a good time in Buenos Aires. can´t wait to see the pics!

JonMagic said...

Skit night sounds like so much fun!

Lhoyt said...

So glad you are having a wonderful time of fun and fellowship together. Safe travelling!