Saturday, March 13, 2010

Project 365, Weeks 10-11

I'm finally catching up with Project 365 after being without internet most of the past two weeks while we traveled. Lots of photos to share!

I've only included one photo from last Monday when we were in Buenos Aires but hope that after you finish looking at today's Project 365, you'll take time to check out Thursday's post that includes many more PLUS a video!

As most of you know, we traveled to Uruguay for our annual missionary conference. We left Monday, March 1st, and the first photo I'm sharing was taken at the restaurant where we stopped for lunch during the 11-hour drive to Colón, Argentina. This is the owner/manager standing in front of just a few of the many photos lining shelves throughout the large dining area. When we asked about them, he proudly shared that they were customers and said that many of the "kids" have now become adults and still come in!
Ivan has a friend in Colón that we stopped to visit and we were fascinated by his dining room chairs that were hand-caned with corn husks! Absolutely beautiful workmanship.
Colón is a lovely city and we hope to return some day when we have time to explore. As it was, we arrived late Monday evening and left early Tuesday. On our way out of town we stopped and took this photo by the Uruguay River.
Crossing the border, we found trucks lined up for a mile or more on either side, waiting to be cleared through customs.
Many of the drivers had pulled out tables and were drinking mate (herb tea) while they visited with one another. Looked like they were prepared for a long wait.

Conference was at a campground within walking distance of the Atlantic Ocean.
The ladies have an afternoon tea each year and I was so busy enjoying that time with the other women that I forgot to take any photos during the tea. So I only have this one I took beforehand as they were setting up.
Last full day of conference we took a group photo (which is missing our teammates who had to make a quick trip to the dentist's).
Taking advantage of being so close, we spent a couple days in Buenos Aires on the way home. We took the ferry from Uruguay to Bs. As. Waiting to board, our car is in the lower left-hand corner (with the duffle and suitcase on top).
We waited for our friends at the port in Bs. As. since they were booked on a later ferry. It was fun to walk around; about thirty HUGE sailing vessels were there for a regatta and, because cruise ships dock here, they've turned the area into a very cool shopping/restaurant district.
The missionary friends who hosted us have a park ministry on Sunday evenings. They play games and have story time with whatever kids show up.
I hope you take time to check out the photo-intensive post about our tour of the city on a double decker bus. Included in that post is a short video of these folk dancers in La Boca.
Tuesday was the loooooooong trip home. Twelve hours in which I slept off and on. Conference and Buenos Aires were fun but exhausting! I didn't even think about taking a photo but Ivan snapped this amusing shot in a bathroom along the way.
It looks like it says "No U.S.A." but that's because the cardboard is folded in such a way that the "r" on "usar" can't be seen. LOL

Wednesday I have no photo. If I had, it would have been the mounds of laundry we worked on all day (and Thursday too). Four people, nine days, plus sheets and towels for the week of conference = A LOT OF LAUNDRY.

While we were gone it must have rained quite a bit because the yard was full of flowers, from almost every rose bush in bloom to masses of morning glories cascading over the fence. 
Friday we took our friends to Sta. Rosa. They're going to spend a couple of weeks there resting (we hope!). We were showing them around the area when we saw this beautiful double rainbow.
The last photo is for my mother-in-law. I know she'll be interested in seeing the new grocery store in Sta. Rosa.  
As much as I enjoy traveling and seeing new places, it is VERY good to be home :-)  In the past two weeks we've put over 2700 km on the car (1701 miles, to be exact). I'm quite happy to unpack the suitcase and stay put for a while.


sara said...

wow, you really had a busy time.

Love that the owner of that shop has pictures of the customers...very fun!

that chair is BEAUTIFUL!!! I had to blow it up to get a closer look. Do you know how long it took to make it?

I will be having a post about mate next week. Rita sent me some and I have been waiting till I have time to try it the way she told me to..with friends!

yea for the beach!!! that picture makes me happy just looking at it!

the toilet is funny!!

and your flowers are gorgeous! what a nice treat to come home to!!

Mari said...

The Morning Glories and the rainbow are just gorgeous! I'm glad the toilet sign didn't say No USA, although in many areas in would!

Rita said...

You got some great pictures of your trip.
I, too, love the morning glories and rainbow pics, but all of yours are so full color.
Toilet sign cracks me up!

rita said...

Great bunch of people--the missionary team and the kids. I had to blow it up to see you both closer up and enjoyed looking at all the faces.
The skies in several photos, stunning! My favorite the road to the beach, next the rainbow. Amazing that you were able to capture it, they can be elusive.
Interesting name for the Supermercado.
I am soooooooooooo envious of your overflowing abundance of flowers (not laundry).
Trust the M's have a wonderful time in Sta R. Happy times!
We should have our 'sisterly' retreat out there (wishful thinking).

Betty said...

I bet you´re glad to be home! That was some trip. Very interesting and I loved your pictures. But, oh doesn´t it feel good to fall into your own bed, when being away for so long? :)

Nel said...

What a wonderful experience! That chair was beautiful. I have chairs that were my moms. The bottom of them is hickory strips woven together.
until next time... nel

Tori said...

You have been one busy lady! I love that the shop keeper was so proud of those photos and that he could tell about them!
The chair is gorgeous!
Wish I could walk to the Atlantic ocean right now!
The toilet picture had me wondering. Glad you explained it!
Have a super week!!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

What an interesting adventurous life you lead!!! I'm always intrigued by your posts.

You know the part that I loved the most this week, though? I LOVE that the restaurant owner had pictures of his customers. That's what family-owned businesses are all about. Just warms my heart.

Elizabeth said...

Wow... such a busy 2 weeks for you... glad you had a good time and you made it home safely...
Thanks for sharing all the pictures!

The Bug said...

Beautiful pictures! I remember going to "Mission Meeting" in Zambia - we stayed at Lake Kariba & it was so nice & relaxing...

H-Mama said...

Your pictures always look so beautiful and adventurous. (Oh, and let's not forget humorous while we're at it... the potty? ;)

RaD said...

Love your photos! And that was a very beautiful chair. My favs are the clouds and the rainbow!

Thanks for popping by my blog!