Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stray Thoughts on a Saturday

I don't sleep the best when my husband's gone. Actually I don't sleep the best at any time these days (thanks, perimenopause) but especially when Ivan's away. Therefore I cannot promise a coherence of thought on this post. It was all I could do to make coffee this morning. I spent two or three minutes rummaging through the fridge looking for the cream and getting more and more frustrated because I couldn't find it, only to turn around and see it on the counter where I'd already put it AND COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN ABOUT IT.

Which is making me more than a little nervous about starting a quilt project this morning. Yesterday I worked on hand quilting an almost-finished UFO while washing and line drying the fabric for my new project. I was planning to cut into the fabric and start sewing this morning. Now? Not so sure that's a good idea.

While I debate whether "to cut or not to cut", I'm blog surfing and just finished looking at the Flashback Friday links. I love hearing how-we-met stories. My favorite stories are the how-I-came-to-know-Jesus ones, but the how-we-met love stories run a close second. (When you think about it, both kinds are love stories.)

Reading the FF posts brought back even more memories, causing me to chuckle and/or cringe with each flashback...

Like the way my mom effectively discouraged me dating much in high school. Any time someone would ask me out, she'd call my aunt and they'd figure out how I was related to my "date" (one of the cons of living in a really small community). Puts a real damper on a date when you know you're related, even if it is only third cousins twice removed.

Back in the 70s most of the guys had really long hair. I've favored a super short hairstyle from the time I was 15 so from the back it was a little hard to tell who was who. I remember hearing my cousin tell my mom that it was just wrong when the boy had prettier hair than the girl. I totally agreed with her! I was dating someone with gorgeous, thick, wavy hair at the time. I kept mine short for a reason; it was straighter than straight, thin and lifeless and rather pathetic whenever I grew it out past my shoulders.

My mom was a pretty smart woman (as most parents are) and she knew better than to say what she really thought. To me, anyway. But one time I'd forgotten something and my date and I walked back into the house just in time to hear her say to a friend on the phone, "Kim just left with The Grinning Idiot." I was SO embarrassed! But looking back I can see she totally had him nailed and I not only laugh now, but HOWL at the memory.

[It's very telling that my mother ADORED Ivan; she knew he was a keeper! After we were married and I complained for any reason, she'd just say, "You know he's right." Aaaargh! And my dad was just as bad. I'd call him and after five minutes he'd ask, "Is that old man of yours around?" and then they'd talk for half an hour!]

If you haven't been participating in Mocha With Linda's Flashback Fridays, I'd encourage you to give it a try next week! What a hoot to dredge up long-forgotten memories.

I wasn't the only one who didn't sleep well last night. Ivan called this morning and looks like he'll be cutting his trip short and heading home tonight. For one thing, the airshow hasn't really gotten off the ground. (Sorry, couldn't help myself. I'm married to a man who loves puns!) Fog socked in the air field most of yesterday and it looks like more of the same today, and tomorrow they're forecasting thunder storms. Not good weather for an air show!

There's been a lot of rain this week so the field is muddy, including the area where folks are camping. The ground is also hard (no room in that duffel for an air mattress) and a group of younger men partied hardy almost all night, making it impossible for anyone else to sleep either.

He called me around 7:30 p.m. yesterday, safely ensconced in his tent and planning a dinner of crackers with peanut butter and lukewarm mate (tea). He'd showered in one of the port-a-showers (brrrrrr! cold!) and after getting dressed he ventured outside only to be attacked by swarms of mosquitos, despite being covered with OFF! So he dived back into the tent, zipped it up and decided to make do with what food supplies I had packed. (By that time I think he'd already eaten all the granola bars.)

(Quite a difference from air shows in the U.S. that are always located near a town with plenty of hotels. Hotels with pools and hot tubs, comfy beds with clean sheets, and climate controlled rooms.)

It hasn't been a total waste as he's met folks from all over (including Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay) but unless the weather improves dramatically, the friends he was hoping to see won't be attending the air show at all. And with planes unable to fly in or out, there won't be any cools planes to see either. Sounds like the organizers are going ahead with some technical seminars at least, which is why he's staying until tonight.

I put a batch of chili in the crockpot last night and it smells so good this morning! Have had a craving for cornbread (a southerner can only go so long without a pone) and decided that, hot weather or no, chili would be a nice accompaniment. I don't think I've made chili since we moved here because until recently I didn't have chili powder. And how can you make decent chili without it?! (BTW, thanks again Sharon for sending all those spices and seasonings!)

One and a half cups of coffee into my morning and I'm feeling like I might just maybe could tackle that quilt project. Now if I can just find my rotary cutter...


Lhoyt said...

I love the "grinning idiot" comment. As a very insecure young man, I often felt that people were putting that tag on me.

Quit blaming it on menopause. It happens to us men, too, only in our case it is our socks, or our favorite pair of pants, or just about anything we need, which we would trip over at any other time except when we really,really need it.

Mari said...

Your Mom was pretty smart and as you know, now that we are parents, we're pretty good at picking the good ones too! You can handle the quilt too!

Betty said...

I´m enjoying your flashback Friday posts also. They are very interesting. I´ll have to see what next week´s theme is.
Your mom sounds like a wise woman. And funny! :)
Hope you are enjoying some sewing today!

Judy said...

I think your rotary cutter is right next to the sewing machine where you set it. ;) (I forget the stupidest things too...) We used to live in SE Asia and I would make chili only because the calendar said it was fall. At least somewhere in the world it was.

SmallTownRunner said...

Just so you know, you've convinced me to start making my cornbread in an iron skillet. I don't know that it tastes any better, but I sure like the way it looks. (I still bake it in the oven though. Is that wrong? My mom said my grandmother cooked it on the stove top, covered. But the oven is easier for me because I know how to do that!)
Anyway, we're having a chilly, rainy day today, and chili and cornbread sounds wonderful!

rita said...

Another great post! So glad I can get back to reading your blog.
You've convinced me to join the Friday Flashback crowd. My other project is finished and I needed something new.
When Mike is gone, I just can't go to bed at a decent time (not that I do much better when he's here ;) I have to make myself go to bed.
This past weekend traveling with Kayla, I think I was so tired from the stress of driving 9 hrs and through traffic and unknown areas, that when I fell asleep I slept so soundly I did not get up once and when I did wake up I had to remember where I was.