Saturday, March 27, 2010

Project 365, Week 13

Ivan had not made it home yet when I posted last week’s Project 365 so this week I wanted to share just one photo (among many!) from his trip to the air show last weekend. I’m not sure anything thrills him quite as much as the sight of a long line of small planes :-)
Monday we needed to take photos for our D.N.I.s (national I.D.s). Dicky’s is the place everyone told us to go. It’s a small store and was pretty crowded so once we had our photos taken, I went outside to wait. Here’s Ivan coming out -- with not only photos for the D.N.I.s but also the ones we’ll need for our driver’s licenses (the next thing on the “to do” list).
We’re QUITE EXCITED to finally have our D.N.I.s and you can read that story on my post "A Cola in Argentina is not a soft drink".

The ants were quite busy around our house this week. With cooler weather they’re preparing for winter. It never ceases to amaze me how such tiny creatures can carry much larger things for long distances! There was a line of ants stretching across the back yard, starting near a pile of rose petals.
The sky has been incredibly blue this week. That’s something we really appreciate about living here. Falls and winters are not gray and overcast but bright and sunny with intense blue skies.
A ram in the back of a pickup -- while you probably wouldn’t see this in the capital city, it’s not an unusual sight in any other town in the province!
This next photo is more for the family, especially mother. The trees at the house in Sta. Rosa are SOOOOO tall now. Can you see K in the lower left corner, near the gate? I’m sure those in the family can remember when the trees were planted many years ago -- just a few feet tall at the time. ¡Qúe diferencia!
We went to Sta. Rosa on Friday to pick up our friends who have been staying there. They took us to a wonderful little tea house in Belgrano they’d discovered. Lovely place with plate glass windows overlooking the low sierras serving fabulous loose teas and pastries. I ordered #13 on the menu: Deep Africa, featuring red tea from South Africa with touches of coconut, cocoa, vanilla and just a hint of caramel. It was like dessert in a cup!
Anyone have a desire to move to Argentina and become a hotelier? While K and I were walking around Sta. Rosa we came across this hotel for sale, right on the main street. Lovely older building that Ivan says is a landmark in the town. Wonderful piece of property just calling out for someone who is ready for a change in their lives!
[No, Sharon, I’m not specifically targeting you with this photo, but if you want to take it personally, that’s up to you :-)]

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my weekly offering for Project 365! Make sure to stop by Sara’s and visit the other participants.


Kelly L said...



Elizabeth said...

great pictures this week...

own and manage a hotel in Argentina... hmmmm

that tea that you had sounds delicious!

you got your IDs that is so wonderful!

Mari said...

I love the blue sky. As you know we don't see much of that this time of year! The ram in the back of the truck is a fun picture!

rita said...

Sharon could do wonders with that hotel! ;)

Blue, very blue skies--¡qué maravilla!

You look sunburned, is that so?

Betty said...

We are having some of the same weather here. Very clear blue skies and not as hot. You can really tell that the season is changing.
I love your Project 365 posts, very interesting. Maybe I´ll join in next year.
I´m off to church. Have a good Sunday!

sara said...

great week in pictures!

it would be fun in one of your family had a picture of the trees way back when to compare!!!

move to a hotel....tempting, VERY tempting!

JonMagic said...

I wouldn't mind running a hotel, as long as it could be a bed and breakfast style place so I can cook :-)

Great pics!

Tori said...

That sky is amazing!!
I am sure you see many things that are interesting like the goat there!
Have a great week!!

Lori at The Davidson Den said...

I'm not a plane person, but even I have to admit that those colorful planes look pretty sharp lined up like that.

Ants are so amazing.

Wow. Those are some big trees!

I think that hotel is gorgeous!!! *sigh* If only........

Dena said...

I love your blue skies. It's been cloudy and gray here for so long.

I love that hotel. So quaint and more personal than a large chain, and the architecture is lovely.

Great pictures.

Amy said...

Own a hotel?? Then I could be like Meryl Streep in Mama Mia...except without all that other stuff. Maybe Pierce Brosnan would come knocking on my door??

Great pictures, as usual.

Cristina Elizabeth said...

When I read the bit about the hotel I immediately thought of Aunt Sharon, so I cracked up when I read what you wrote underneath :)