Sunday, March 23, 2008

At our Sunrise Service this morning, Pastor Rob talked about how the Resurrection literally changed the reality of the world. It turned everything upside down and inside out when Jesus conquered death. What an awesome thought!

We have enjoyed having our "kids" home for Easter weekend. These are precious times! The son and DIL left a little while ago, along with Leo, the 8 month-old puppy that weighs 75 lbs. Which was what he was supposed to weigh when he was fully grown. Gonna miss that by a few pounds I think :-)

Daughter is still here but has gone for a walk. Not a bad idea since the sun has made a rare appearance. I love it that the sun is shining on Easter!

So now the house is quiet...oh, wait, the dishwasher is going and it always sounds like a 747 preparing for takeoff, so scratch the quiet part. But you know what I mean. So I'm taking a few moments to catch up on my favorite blogs.

And I might take a little nap. 'Cause I did get up real early this morning...and I ate a big ole meal at lunch...and the sunbeams are warming up my little corner of the living room. So what's a girl to do?

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Sharon said...

Hi Kim, I've been reading your blog every day. (Because you are one of my most favorite people in the world). Thanks for introducing me to blogging, (did you read "tired supergirl" bang adventures?)
I've started my own blog, but will probably only post once in a blue moon.