Friday, March 14, 2008

Love Is Deaf

My husband has a beautiful voice. I love to hear him sing.

Shortly after we started dating/got engaged, our pastor asked if we'd be willing to sing a duet for special music one Sunday. "No!" "Sure!" We looked at each other.

Me: "I can't sing!"
Him: "Yes you can. I've heard you."
*unladylike snort* "Love isn't blind; it's deaf!"

Several weeks later, driving down the road with the radio on and I start singing along. Future hubby looks over. "Love isn't deaf anymore." *smile*

This experience is one of many relating to my (dis)ability to sing. There was the middle school music teacher who asked me to please find something better to do with his time! Even earlier was the guy working his way through college by giving piano lessons that basically told my mom she was wasting her money in my case.

And then there are the comments by my son:
Age three. He tells me not to try and teach him a new song at bedtime. He'll wait until "Daddy can teach me the right way."
Age five. Out of the blue he declares, "If you were in the choir, they'd fire you."
Age nine. On the way home from church he asks me not to sing when I'm standing next to him in church. I cause him to go off key. He suggests I might want to just lip sync.

But I say to all who would seek to stiffle my voice, Scripture says: "Make a joyful noise unto the Lord."

And now excuse me while I go sing along with Sara Groves as she sings "Painting Pictures in Egypt" which is my current favorite.

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JonMagic said...

Your memory is WAY too good! I wasn't very tactful with some things was I :-P

Love you, and you are right, make a joyful noise unto the Lord, whether you can or cannot sing...