Sunday, March 2, 2008

Oh Happy Days!

I'm pretty excited because Darling Daughter is coming home for a few days! She's on spring break and was able to get a few days off work. She's driving home tonight after her shift ends.

I've cleared my calendar as much as possible so I can spend LOTS of time with her :-) We don't have anything specific planned; it'll just be great to hang out.

AND the joy doesn't end when she has to go back, 'cause I'm going with her! Hubby will follow on Saturday and we'll spend several days in Indiana. That Tuesday there's an IFCA pastors meeting in Berne and on Wednesday we're going to chapel at Grace College to hear Gracia Burnham speak.

Gracia, you may recall, wrote In The Presence of My Enemies a few years ago. She and her husband, Martin, were missionaries in the Philippines and, while celebrating their anniversary, they were kidnapped and held by terrorists for about a year. Martin was killed when the military mounted a rescue operation. She also wrote To Fly Again: Surviving the Tailspins of Life which I haven't read but want to in the near future.

This week we received an e-mail from good friends in Uganda. Michael and Margaret were on staff at Kasana Children's Center the first six months we were there but left to pioneer a children's ministry in a predominantly Muslim area. Now Michael is training pastors in rural areas of Uganda under the auspices of Veritas College. This beautiful family blessed us so much during our time in Uganda! They often had us over for a meal or visit; Michael and Ivan spent many hours together studying and thinking about how to effectively equip others to teach God's Word; and they were a constant source of encouragement.

Gracia's story. Michael and Margaret's story. We all have a story, but it's really not ours. It's His. What He's doing. What He's accomplishing. And that blesses me.

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