Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Quilting & Food:Two of My Favorite Things

It has been another good Tuesday of sewing with my friends. Lori is whipping right through the second quilt she's making me. My goodness, that girl is fast! Jami just has to do the border and she'll be done with her quilt top. And me. Well, I did 2/3 of the embroidered saying on a small wall quilt. And it's not even a long saying. I'm just slow.

Now in my defense, I did spend part of my time cooking. We can't get together without some munchies, now can we? So we started off with banana chocolate chip muffins and after smelling the beef stew as it simmered all morning, we dug into that for lunch.

With all the cooking over the last five days, I'm thinking tomorrow might be a good day for lighter fare. Just a little break from the kitchen, you know? But then I'll be ready to get back in there and try out some of the recipes I've found on various food blogs. Oh my lands! I had no idea there were so many other foodies out there! As I have time in the evenings, I'm gonna work my way down through the list at foodblogblog.com. This is a task only to be tackled on a full tummy! The photos alone are enough to send a hungry blogger right back into their own kitchen.

Tomorrow will be a day full of paperwork. Not my favorite activity, but a necessary one. Packets to get out to churches, updating hubby's call list, plugging in data from older call lists so we have all that info in one place...with periodic breaks to do housework 'cause just staring at the computer screen for hours is more than I can handle. And inversely, doing housework nonstop isn't the most fun either!

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