Monday, March 3, 2008

I Am A Material Girl

Quilting has been my "thing" for a number of years but now it's taking up more of my time. Not just the doing of it, but thinking about it, too. I've started an "idea" book for art quilts with sketches, notes, graphics and pictures... AND I have a binder full of patterns and photos for more traditional quilts. So many quilts, so little time!

Several techniques learned from Simply Quilts on HGTV and Quilting Arts magazine motivated me to try some new things. Success with those projects has just tickled me to no end. I'm especially pleased with my little rooster wall quilt. Although I'm also extremely pleased with progress on the African memory quilts. I just wish I could work faster! But I want to do a good job, so am forcing myself to take it slow.

My obsession with fabric, and the collecting thereof for many years, means I have a sizeable stash with pretty much anything I need. Except with a fabricaholic, you can never have enough, so the stash continues to grow. With a much smaller budget (okay, so there is NO budget for this hobby) I buy less, and I buy smart; clearance racks or coupons pretty much dictate what I get. I find myself looking at what other people are wearing and thinking how I would use it in a quilt (as long as I don't start trying to take the shirt off your back...) But yeah, I am a Material Girl and I live in a Material World.

And now I'm gonna go think about what to do next on my daughter's African memory quilt. It needs something, just not sure what.

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Sarah said...

Just found your blog mom-in-law quilts also and has made me some beautiful ones. Enjoy your quilting! I can barely sew a button, so I am very impressed! :-)