Saturday, April 26, 2008

And The Winner Is...

The Bloggy Giveaway Carnival is over. *sigh* Wasn't it a lot of fun? I found a number of blogs I really enjoyed reading and will go back to. Plus I plan to check out all the lovely people with blogs who left comments here. That'll keep me busy for a while! And I'm still hoping to hear from someone that I won something. With all the giveaways I entered (lost count but it was a LOT) you'd think I'd win at least one item.

Speaking of winning something, the African basket goes to Sarah Fischer! Congratulations Sarah! I think you'll love it and besides being beautiful, it can be useful too. I use baskets for storing all kinds of things. I brought back well over a dozen and plan to use them to decorate either the kitchen or dining room once we get into our own place in Argentina.

And going back through the week, here's a recap of the other winners:
Mindy: the African batik.
Kara: the African scarf.
Jon & Sara: mate cup and bombilla
The mommy at tonsofsons: Irish watercolor.

CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WHO WON! And thanks to all who stopped by and left a comment. I'm just sorry I couldn't give all of you something!


CanCan said...

That was fun! Thanks for hosting! Congrats to the winners!

Sarah Fischer said...

It's beautiful! I'll treasure it =D

Sarah F

Judy said...

Kim, I left you a comment on a previous post that you had won the yarn on my blog - so shoot me an email with a mailing address! I left the comment on April 26th.