Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Weekend In Review

While setting up for the bridal shower yesterday, Daughter commented that this was our last party in the parsonage. *sigh* I hadn't thought of that! With us moving in just over a week, this was indeed our final fiesta. And it was a good one! Great turn out, everyone had a good time and the bride-to-be garnered a lot of "loot" :-) She liked the aprons I'd made, especially the one that was my favorite, too.

Daughter (on the left) and her friend at the end -- tired but happy.

Today found us traveling just 1-1/2 hours away for the morning and actually being able to attend our home church this evening. Woohoo! I'm not musically inclined, as I've already admitted, but I enjoy good music and there was plenty of that today. The worship time this morning just blew us away. A great combination of hymns about the name of Jesus totally helped us focus on why we were there. And tonight was "pick your favorite and tell us why" which is always excellent. It's like eating a really good meal that leaves you feeling full and content.

Our nephew called this evening to let us know they'd made it back to Denver. Oh to be young enough to make the trip from Denver to southern Michigan and back again within less than five days. Just thinking about it makes me tired! They were basically just here from late Thursday night through early Saturday morning. Friday was spent figuring out how to pack the airplane parts in such a way that would allow them to get it all in the truck bed :-) Mission accomplished!

A busy but productive and fun weekend.

Think I'll take me a little break tomorrow to recuperate :-)


Ronnica said...

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you do come back!

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Hi Kim!

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