Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pictured here are some of the boxes we've packed. That's what I spent the day doing. Ugh! I'd forgotten how much work moving can be. We have close to 30 filled so far. Being organized is critical because we have to submit a detailed shipping manifest to customs, so I'm keeping a list of everything that goes into each box. And boxes are given a simple letter/number code: kitchen items are KT-1, KT-2 and so on. I'm normally a pretty organized person but this is stretching me a bit! Hopefully it will ensure things go smoothly though.

Also accomplished: sorting through my fabric stash and trying to figure out what I need to keep out and what I can go ahead and pack. We'll be in Indiana for a few months until we leave for Argentina so I want to make sure I have what I need for a few on-going projects. I really, really, really want to finish my daughter's African memory quilt so I can leave it with her. Here's what it looks like so far:

Once I'm all done with the necessary sewing I'll attach a wee basket on top of the lady's head and offset the continent of Africa so it extends beyond the border of the quilt. The lady with basket will remind Daughter about Kabubu market held every other Thursday and the group of paper doll people represents her experience at the secondary school. All the girls wore white blouses and blue jumpers. Those little insets are tiny batiks. She and I agree it needs something more but we haven't figured out what yet. One of her ministries was to spend nights at the hospital with sick children. A family member or friend must stay with anyone hospitalized to take care of them, bring them food, water, etc. So we think something reflecting that would be good. Oh, by the way, the continent was made by weaving strips of green cotton fabric with strips of bark cloth I brought back from Uganda. I love how the bark cloth is reddish brown, just like the soil.

I'm beyond tired and tomorrow will be a long, busy day. Then two more days of packing before we load the car with clothes and head for Indiana. All those boxes? We'll be leaving them here at the parsonage until we're ready to ship them. And since there's no way we'll get everything packed before Wednesday, we'll be back to Michigan for a few flying visits to finish. Hope everyone has a wonderful Sunday, full of praise and worship to the God who made us and gives us the strength we pack boxes or change diapers or whatever He's called us to do!

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Honest to Ya~Ya said...

I have firsthand knowledge how hard it is to move cross country. I cannot even imagine moving out of the country.

Question. Will you be able to continue to blog from Argentina?

Have a great ☼day!