Friday, April 18, 2008

Haiku, Bless You

I'm not sure how haiku is pronounced but in my mind it's sort of like a sneeze. And the appropriate response when someone sneezes is "Bless you!" And since reading all the haiku poems honoring moms on Shannon's blog blesses me, then it all makes perfect sense.

My entry did not make it into the finals. *sigh* But with over 700 entries that's not surprising. There were so many really, really good ones! But for the record, my contribution was:

"Shut that dog up!" she's
tired, sore, not amused when nurse
says, "That's your baby!"

This was one of my mom's favorite stories. She was so aggravated by that barking dog! Only to find out it was her newborn daughter crying :-)

I have an alternate theory that I wasn’t crying, but laughing. My laugh is…hmmm, how do I put it…it’s unique. Yes, unique. That sounds much better than hideous which is what some people undoubtedly think when they hear me laugh. It even scares babies and small children. Really! When I helped out in the nursery I had to be very careful. More than once I caused pandemonium when my laughter startled and frightened the babies who then set off crying themselves.

So I’ve learned to “tone it down” although the full-bellied laugh escapes from time to time. Funny movies just kill me…and anyone else within hearing distance. Some people will no longer go to funny movies with me.

My mom had a beautiful laugh. Lady-like, well modulated and appropriate for all occasions. I remember consciously trying to mimic her laugh but utterly failing. I miss her laughter. She’s been gone almost twenty years but I can close my eyes and see her, head tilted back, laughing with abandon at something my sister or I had done. A beautiful laugh. A beautiful mom. If you feel like being blessed, go over to Shannon's blog and read the many haiku poems offered in honor of moms everywhere.

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