Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Life Is Good

Today has been a really good day. I spent most of it sewing with my friends, then took a walk with hubby, and now I'm relaxing in the recliner. Life is good :-)

The Ghirardelli Caramel Turtle brownies didn't hurt either.

Our nephew and his family are coming to visit later in the week and we'll get to meet his three youngest for the first time (they live in Colorado so we don't see them very often). Nephew is picking up the kit plane that hubby never had the time or money to finish. It's a Turner T40A like this one, a very cute two-seat tail dragger.

As we work out sleeping arrangements, we've decided to set up our "new" used air bed. Hubby has been looking at Select Comfort beds on eBay and craigslist for a while now. He came across one last week that wasn't too far away and we picked it up Friday evening. This, if it works out well, will be a good bed to take with us to Argentina. It can be broken down into smaller pieces and packed into boxes and, because it's an AIR bed, it's very light.

We've been in sort of a holding pattern for a couple months as our support level hit a plateau. But things are looking up and we are hopeful as several churches are considering taking on some of our support. I haven't shared a lot on this blog about this part of being a missionary. While some denominations have their churches send money into headquarters and missionaries are supported out of that, we are from an independent Bible church and going with an independent mission so we have to raise our own support. This has entailed going to a LOT (as in many, many, many, MANY) churches to present our ministry. At this point we have 9 supporting churches and 25 individual supporters who, combined, have committed to almost 80% of what our mission anticipates we will need on a monthly basis. We are so close but our mission requires we have 100% before we leave, so you can imagine how encouraging it has been to see some positive signs. We know it will all come together in God's perfect time. But have I mentioned I am not a patient person? ;-)

But also being of an optimistic nature, we have begun packing! Twelve boxes so far. When God gives the "all clear" signal, we're outta here!

And when we go, we'll be taking two beautiful homemade quilts made by a very special lady, one of my sewing buddies! It's been fun to see the two quilts come together under her expert hands. Next Tuesday is our last sewing day together and looks like she'll finish the second one then.

The following Tuesday will see us moving to Indiana for the remainder of our time in the U.S. This move will help in several ways: cut living expenses and put us closer to the churches we'll be visiting in the coming months.

While I'll miss our life in Michigan, I look forward to being closer to my kids and other family. Good to have more time with these special people I love and will greatly miss when we move to Argentina.

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