Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Moving Day

We've got the car packed to the gills with clothes, my sewing machine and fabric, a few kitchen items, a Select Comfort mattress, some personal care items and all the office stuff we'll need to produce the information packets we send to churches. I CANNOT BELIEVE WE FIT IT ALL IN!!! My hubby figured out he could put things into garbage bags, use the shopvac to suck all the air out and condense BIG things into wee little and very oddly shaped packages. He ROCKS!

Just waiting now for the sheets to finish drying so I can put those away. And for the other associate pastor to come home with a pizza for lunch. He called this morning to see if that would help and we said YES! I think maybe he's gonna miss us a little :-) I know we'll miss him. We've spent the last 5-1/2 years sharing the parsonage, our lives and ministry. He's family. But he's not entirely rid of us since we have to come back a couple weekends in May to finish packing the things we'll be taking to Argentina with us.

Which, I am VERY excited to say, is now much closer than before. We received word yesterday that a church in Indiana had voted on Sunday night to take on $500 PER MONTH of our support! That is HUGE! And it puts us up to 90.2% of our support level, which in turn means we can start making definite travel plans. Since we have meetings through mid-July, we're looking to leave for Argentina at THE END OF JULY. Woohoo!

This is making it a LOT easier to move today. Before, we were going without any idea of how long we'd be there, living in limbo, without a place of our own.

It also means that as we pack, we'll know what we need to keep out to take in suitcases (it will be winter in Argentina when we arrive) and what to pack for the shipping container.

This was good news on so many levels!!! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Amen and hallelujah!

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