Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Day of Catching Up

After another week of feelin' somewhat puny [adjective, 1. of less than normal strength; weak], today is a day of catching up. While I sew, sew, sew, the hubby is copying all those receipts for the reports. If it clears up (still raining) we may go hunting for some garland-making materials later.

And it bein' Saturday and all, a.k.a. "date night", we might just sit down and watch Get Smart together in Spanish with English subtitles, thus providing both entertainment and education for moi. I LOVED the sitcom when I was a kid and would wiggle with contentment in front of the television when the theme song came on...

Some of you have already seen the movie. Will I like it?

You can't possibly watch a movie without snacks, and I've had a hankering for chocolate rice krispie treats ever since finding some natural rice cereal at the health food store the other day. I'll make it even healthier by mixing it with butter and marshmallows and chocolate chips! :-) These are perfect since I'll need to make something fast and easy, what with all the sewing going on around here.

This coming Friday we're hosting the Christmas dinner for our little group. When you think of Christmas dinner, you probably envision turkey or ham with all the trimmings. Not here! Since Christmas comes in the summer, Argentines are more apt to have asados and picnics. Not sure what the men will be fixin' on the grill, but we ladies will merely have to set the tables, make some salad and sit back while the men do all the hard work.

Don't you think it would be fun to have a craft or two for the ladies to work on during all that relaxing time? I bookmarked instructions for this paper wreath a while back. Now I just have to find my stash of craft paper somewhere in the first bedroom where all craft boxes currently reside. Along with the boxes containing office supplies, Christmas things, and books. We're goin' for the "Early American Box" look so beloved by missionaries everywhere.

And now it's time to resume the curtain panel assembly line. Hasta luego!

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