Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Look Both Ways Before You Cross The Street...Or Leave Behind A Year

A lot of y'all are reflecting back on 2008, a few are looking forward to 2009, and some are just MIA. Not that I blame you. I'd be MIA too if we had family around ☺

I want to take a stroll back through memory lane 2008 so sit back and relax. If you have any chocolate or cookies left, grab a handful. This may take a while.

Because honestly, this has been a year of HUGE changes. You know about the big move to Argentina in August but that's only part of our story.

Okay, let's back up to January. That's when we hit 60% of our support. And just stayed there. For almost two months.

It's also the month we had meetings in different churches every Sunday and every.single.weekend.we.were.socked.with.a.storm. Remember that? NOT fun! Our car heater just couldn't keep up and I would bundle up in my cuddle duds, boots, long skirt, thick sweater, warmest winter coat and hat and gloves and take two fleece blankets and STILL BE COLD. There were days when we had to scrape ice off the inside of the windows. So yeah, NOT missing Midwest winters!

February was more of the same.

March brought glimmers of warmer weather and as the temperature edged up, so did our support level. 63%... 69%... And we continued our crazy traveling schedule every weekend as well as making plans to move out of the parsonage at the end of April.

April was INSANE and EXCITING. Packing boxes for Argentina, setting aside things to take to Indiana, throwing a bridal shower...watching the support level rise week-by-week. Not knowing how long we'd be in Indiana with the hubby's folks before we could leave for Argentina, it was hard to know what to pack for that mini-move.

The uncertainty was tied to the support. We couldn't buy our tickets for South America and make firm plans until we hit 90%. And then, on the very last day of April we got the call. You know, THE call. The one informing us that a church was taking on a significant chunk of our support which would push us OVER the 90%!!! Woot! It was with merry hearts we packed up the car (to the gills!) and set off for Indiana on May 1st.

We wanted to spend as much time as possible with Mom and Dad before we left and the best way to do that was be right there with them. We also thought the hubby could help them get a few things done around the house. And that's all true. But we hadn't anticipated the amount of traveling we'd do in those final months. We had a number of meetings back in Michigan, some in Indiana and even a few in Ohio. Plus all the packing for the big move to Argentina was taking place back at the parsonage.

We got a bit of whiplash from all the back and forth.

June and July sped by! How grateful we are for the time with Mom and Dad and for others in the family who came to see us (from Colorado and Georgia). God provided opportunities to see old friends and reminded us about what's really important. Which is easy to forget in the midst of all the craziness.

In late July our home church hosted an amazing commissioning service and folks from another congregation joined us in praise and worship to the God who makes it all happen!

Goodbyes are hard, no doubt about it, but we were pretty excited to finally be on our way after FOUR LONG YEARS of deputation.

Since we arrived in Argentina we've seen God continue to do powerful things. We were able to get the paperwork for our national ID cards done in one day. That's unheard of! It usually takes weeks and multiple trips and standing in long lines for hours... While we won't actually receive our cards until February or so, the paperwork was accomplished in less than six hours.

He provided a house with almost everything on my "wish list". I have an excellent Spanish tutor who is patient with her middle-aged and painfully slow student ☺ We've enjoyed great fellowship with the other missionaries in Argentina, as well as wonderful times with our co-workers here in Carlos Paz.

The list goes on and I've blogged about most of it right here at Just A Southern Girl. Blogging has been a lifeline this year. With all the traveling, the moves, the un-settledness that was our life, blogging has been a constant. Reading your blogs, writing on mine...

I hope to continue the blogging in 2009. I really don't know what to expect this year. I know what I hope for: a higher level of fluency in Spanish. Shoot, I just want SOME level of fluency!

I hope to finish cleaning and painting and unpacking boxes until it feels like we BELONG here. I want to hunker down and make this house a home. After all the moves this past year, we need this.

I hope to make friends and start getting involved in lives. I hope to be a light for Jesus and make a difference. There's a lot of darkness here...a lot of New-Age-feel-good-about-yourself teaching and believing going on. And that takes us back to the Spanish. I can't do much if I'm not able to communicate.

So there you have it, a wrap-up of 2008 and my dreams for 2009.


junglewife said...

Happy new year! It's already 2009 here - 7 am in fact! I look forward to keeping up with your blog and happenings this year :-)

rita said...

Amazing year. I feel so much closer to you tho' you're faaaaaar away. And I'm so super excited about you being in AGENTINA!
Can't wait to visit!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Kim, I loved reading about your amazing year. I have close friends who do the very same thing you do. They switched organizations after 10 years or so with one, so now they're in the midst of re-raising all their funds again. It is exhausting watching them prepare to go when their hearts are already there. Keep us filled in about the interesting things going on in your life there. It gives you a really unique voice in the blogosphere. Happy New Year, sweet friend.

Edwina at The Picket Fence said...

I am back !!!
Wow, what an amazing year you had. As you can tell by my new post, mine was not that great, but I know with God's help 2009 will be better.