Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Old Friends, Good Times

It shouldn't surprise me that God is providing unbelievable opportunities to see old friends in these last months before we head to Argentina. But I have to admit I'm just a little amazed. Not that He CAN, but that He DOES.

Last month I mentioned seeing an old friend from high school. Both of the hubby's older brothers will be coming to Indiana (from Atlanta and Denver) during July so we get to see them. There's a possibility we'll be able to meet good friends halfway between here and Wisconsin.

And this weekend we're going to spend time with friends from Uganda!!! Jonnes and Gertrude are mainstays at Kasana Children's Center, the ministry Jonnes helped co-found back in 1988. We recently learned they'd be coming to the states for a few weeks, right to our neck of the woods in northern Indiana, which caused much rejoicing in the House of Hoyt! That stomping you hear is us doin' the happy dance :-)

The hubby was absolutely beaming when he got off the phone this evening after hearing Jonnes British-infused-but-musically-Ugandan voice saying he was "Jolly fine!". It's been six years since we returned from our year in Uganda. We never expected to see any of our dear friends from there, or hear their voices, this side of heaven. [And yes, their voices are musical! There's a sing-songy quality to the way they speak that we just love.] What an unexpected blessing!!! [I know this is a lot of exclamation points, but people, this is HUGE!]

I will be posting pictures and PROBABLY SPEAKING ABOUT THE WHOLE WEEKEND IN CAPS. Just sayin'. I'm THAT excited :-)

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