Monday, June 2, 2008

Random Photos & First Apartments

Our lilacs in Michigan bloomed about a month ago. Except for these "dwarf" bushes in front of the parsonage which just bloomed this past week. We haven't ever cut them back and they're now about 7 feet tall. So much for dwarf. But the blooms are lush and smell glorious and I'm hoping we can have this type of lilac in Argentina.

I just wish I could share the SMELL with you! It is so sweet and intoxicating. Maybe if you lean in a little closer? No? Sorry! *sigh*

For a few days I'm enjoying time with my in-laws and my daughter. Today the daughter and I ran to Goodwill for a quick check. Oh the loot I did find! Here are photos of two of my treasures. Notice that they both have green? The daughter and I have a thing for green. Two of her items were green as well. Oh the cuteness of this skirt just makes me want to skip! And the trim on these very nice, obviously-never-before-used pillow cases is too sweet for words.

The daughter has given me permission to share some photos of her cute little apartment (in her grandparent's basement, if you remember). The double glass doors in the kitchen and the window in her bedroom provide the only natural light but it's not bad at all.
I'm quite proud of how she's fixed up the space and made it her own. I doubt you can tell but she's got touches of green everywhere...on the kitchen walls, the kitchen chairs, cushions on the couch, the area rug in her living room, vases on the mantle, storage containers here, there and everywhere... Like I said, she and I have a thing for green.
Her fireplace is the primary heat source. For some reason the basement didn't get vented properly with the furnace ducts. Just makes her really appreciate that mattress warming pad we got for her bed last year :-)
The quilt on her bed is one I found on eBay but never used because she snitched it as soon as I took it out of the box. We both love the soft colors.
We went for the spa look in her bathroom. Very light taupe on the walls, white and taupe striped shower curtain, thick towels and a soft, loopy rug. It's tiny but very cute and functional, don't you think?

I rented rooms, not apartments, until I was married. Our first place was pretty nice -- also in his parent's basement apartment! (But in a different house.) We had two bedrooms and a bath in addition to an open living/dining/kitchen space. Plus it was furnished so we didn't have to worry about buying furniture, which was nice 'cause we were very poor college students. We took care of the house (two other apartments and the large yard) in exchange for our place. Not a bad deal! And it was less than a mile to the college.

So what was your first place like?

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Sharon said...

My first place was exactly the same as your first place! (fancy that!)