Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rainy Days & Tuesdays...

Monday was beautiful and today it is raining. But I'm not complaining 'cause the rain, it doth keep the world green. Which is a good thing, 'cause we all know how I feel about green.

Doesn't an entire room in just green and white sound lovely? For years I've clipped or ripped pictures/pages of rooms out of magazines and put them into three-ring binders. And noticed my tastes have developed into a particular "design statement".

I love white. Especially a white kitchen. Which isn't so practical with kids, of course -- learned while wiping, wiping, wiping down the white cupboards year after year. But the brightness of a white kitchen makes me so daggone happy that all the wiping didn't really matter. Or the re-painting every few years. (Just cupboard door fronts, not everything, that would be ridiculous.)

A spa-like bathroom makes me sigh with contentment. Like the daughter's tiny bath. The soothing taupe and white are a perfect color combo for a bath. Although, a white bath with touches of apple green would be pretty amazing too, don't you think? Or white with soft aqua blue. Hmmmmm.

Yellow has always been my favorite color. Over the years we ended up painting almost every room in the parsonage some shade of yellow (Benjamin Moore #924 in all the main living areas). The only hold-out was our bedroom which was painted white back in '96 and then we added 8" wide pale shell pink stripes. 'Cause the bedding was pink and green. Which would have been changed too, but it was too hard to move the waterbed and re-paint.

But interlings, the pastel bedding has got to go. Oh yes, it does. 'Cause I found a gorgeous, luscious rusty red quilt and loads of matching clearance upholstery fabric for long curtain panels and more coordinating fabric to make pillow shams and a bedskirt. If possible we'll paint the walls a soft camel which is one of the coordinating colors (along with gold and a deep, dusty green). Lots of jewel tones which is a huge design departure, but one I'm looking forward to. New life, new look.

Ummm, confession time. I've known for four years that we should take bed linens, towels and so forth so have kept a lookout at clearance sales, white sales, etc. And not so good at keeping track of what we'd already bought. So now as we pack and list each item, comes the realization: there are SEVEN SHOWER CURTAINS! What was I thinking?! But they do provide a wide range of options :-) Swapping them out as the mood hits -- or the seasons change. Or something.

Also: an inordinate number of king size sheet sets. Not even sure we'll have a king size bed. Sure hope so since I am totally prepared for one (or seven). And that gorgeous rusty red quilt? Oh yes, it is a king size. We've had a king size bed since the early 90s and I do like the room to spread out. With the constant turning over and flailing about in the night, I'm pretty sure the hubby appreciates the space, too.

And the white towels? Because I like the spa look. And white is easy to wash in bleach to keep clean. Something like NINE or TEN SETS thus far. After buying THREE MORE on Saturday at the 50%-off-already-marked-clearance-items sale at Tuesday Morning I told myself "Stop! You must stop!" We'll see if I listen.

The daughter is studying marketing this summer. She just quoted me something from her book: "This feeling of post purchase psychological tension or anxiety is called cognitive dissonance." Uh, yeah!

The move is a scary one, but also one that affords my little designing heart a huge opportunity. Definitely taking my three-ring binders along for inspiration. Along with the seven shower curtains, numerous king size sheets and multitude of white towels. And all the other stuff packed in 87 boxes and still packing...

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